This Week In POKT (As seen on Twitter 😏)


Protocol Highlights :sparkles:

  • We partnered with DevelopeDAO, providing them with decentralized RPC access. Announcement

  • A major achievement was recorded in our protocol revenue, crossing the 6M POKT mark. Burned POKT

Governance Highlights :sparkles:

  • Voting on PIP-35 kicked off. It aims to make Gateway onboarding more frictionless, with the seamless transfer of App Stakes. PIP-35

  • PIP-34 received overwhelming DAO approval. Not a single rejection! PIP-34 Results

Gateway Highlights :sparkles:

  • DeveloperDAO, Nodies DLB, and Grove joined forces to discuss RPC access and DePIN. A gathering of great minds! The Link Up

  • In an exciting partnership, MASQ and Nodies DLB linked up to provide MASQ Browser users with seamless access to multiple blockchains. Unstoppable Partnership

  • The team at Grove announced support for Solana Custom in this week’s “View from the Grove.” Access to Solana, but with enhanced historical and indexing capabilities for users. View From The Grove

Community Highlights :sparkles:

  • The latest insights into our marketing strategy were published, providing a glimpse into recent efforts. Marketing Update

  • DeveloperDAO dropped a thread contest challenging the community’s knowledge on POKT as the RPC Base-layer. Grab Your Notepad

  • POKTNEST, the new community-built explorer, was unveiled! New Explorer, Who Dis?

  • @RawthiL :newspaper_roll: unveiled PNYX, an exciting LLM-powered tool providing comprehensive Pocket-related information. A massive step in making info easily accessible. PNYX AI unveils a unified POKT search engine

  • Two of our community’s best and brightest joined Encode Club’s workshop, diving deep into POKT’s role in accessing blockchain data. 2 Ds in a Pod

Highlight of the Week :trophy:

The week’s standout moment, voted by the Community, was protocol revenue crossing the 6M POKT mark. 10M is firmly in sight! Results

That’s the latest from the POKT universe! If you’re in Istanbul for Devconnect, HMU :call_me_hand:



Protocol Highlights :sparkles:

  • BIG NEWS! Infura showcased POKTnetwork as one of the key players in its DIN initiative, highlighting the importance of POKT’s decentralized infrastructure. The Reveal

  • The protocol team celebrated a major development milestone for Pocket Shannon, with lots more in the pipeline! See Demo

  • The near-term liquidity goals for wPOKT were met, ensuring smooth entry and exit in the ecosystem. 1.3M with ease!

Governance Highlights :sparkles:

  • The DAO unanimously approved PIP-35, showcasing the strength of our governance system. Transfer of App stakes between Gateways is now frictionless. 7-0

Gateway Highlights :sparkles:

  • Nodies made their first Gateway fee payment to the DAO, marking a major step forward in the Gatewayverse! The TX

  • Grove was unveiled in Infura’s illustrious list of DIN partners.HUGE!

Community Highlights :sparkles:

  • Four teams were selected for the Pocket Open Priority, maintaining Pocket Morse’s testnet. The Fantastic Four

Must Read :books:

  • This week’s must-read: An insightful piece on Infura’s DIN initiative and its partners. Must Read

Highlight of the Week :trophy:

The event that stole the week’s spotlight was… INFURA x POKT partnership! :champagne::champagne:. See POLL

That wraps up the week’s journey!



Protocol Highlights :sparkles:

  • wPOKT achieved a major milestone, crossing the 50M minted mark! wPOKT

Governance Highlights :sparkles:

  • The ERA Cycle 2 report was published, showcasing immense progress on our Keystone Projects in September & October. The list is crazy! ERA Cyce 2 Report

  • The Pocket Network Foundation dropped an Ecosystem Strategy & Ambitions Update, highlighting achievements and setting objectives till the end of Q2 2024.
    Exciting roadmap in here :point_down:
    PNF Ecosystem Strategy and Ambitions update

Gateway Highlights :sparkles:

  • Grove announced an exciting upcoming Twitter Space featuring two industry heavyweights, @o_rourke and E.G. Galano. They will be discussing the future of decentralized infrastructure. Don’t forget to set your reminder :alarm_clock:

  • POKTscan recorded a milestone of 100M relays from the Nodies DLB Gateway. #RoadTo1Billy. Gateway Metrics

Community Highlights :sparkles:

  • The Developer DAO thread contest results were released, featuring top-quality content. The Winners

  • The and websites received some exciting updates, now showcasing wPOKT and Gateway metrics. Explore them!

  • A new community member joined the Socket program, lending their expertise to POKT Shannon development. OPEN: Socket for Shannon economic R&D

Must Read :books:

Highlight of the Week :trophy:

  • The standout moment was tightly contested but it narrowly went to… NODIES DLB 100M Relays!!! :clap::clap:. Results: POLL

That’s all for this week!

This Week In POKT (DEC 2ND)


  • The network impressively processed 2.84 billion relays (Sat-Fri), a 10% increase from last week’s count of 2.58 billion. Ethereum led the charge with over 800 million relays.




Must Read :books:

Must Listen :headphones:

  • A conversation with @o_rourke & E.G. Galano discussing the evolution of Decentralized Infra. Particularly insightful was their detailing of the history of Infura and POKT. Tune In

  • A discussion with our friends, sminert, AyyanERahman, and Zemm_NFT on the significance of citizenship in the digital world. Tune In

Event of the Week

  • This week’s standout event, without a doubt, was the buzz around Grove’s funding. Dominating the spotlight, it captured the community’s and wider cryptosphere’s attention in an epic way. Poll Results

That’s a wrap for a bustling week in POKT Network. Never a dull moment.
Catch you next week!