PEP-66: CM-CC (Community Moderators as Core Contributors)


PNF, on behalf of the moderators @bruceyin & @Jerry


Related Proposals:

Asking Amount:
$4000 month until closed


Our community moderators have been doing great work helping the community via discord, telegram, the forum and more. They’ve proven themselves as core contributors necessary to the success of our DAO and community, and we’re proposing to move their funding directly to the DAO in recognition of that. This function is to be managed by the Head of Community, who sets the allocation of funds each month.

Background (optional)

Our moderators are often the first contact for new ecosystem participants and the backbone of our culture. They’ve been solving problems, answering questions and generally making sure our community has the technical help and knowledge that they need.

They’ve continued to step up and own workstreams for the community, like recording calls, managing + updating our youtube, stepping in to help in unofficial places (like POKTopus Den), and answering tickets in discord and TG.

We’re happy with the work they’re doing, their responsiveness, and their continued effort within POKT. We want them to continue to be paid for the value they add to the community, similar to POKTnews proposal earlier this year.


We believe the DAO should recognise our moderators as core contributors to the project through these three actions:

  • Funding our moderators via the DAO as it would any other core contributor; these funds are managed by the Head of Community
  • Continue working with the Head of Community to support POKT network and its community
  • An update quarterly from Head of Community on the value + impact, and any new workstreams

DAO Funded:

Per above, our moderators have proven their value and dedication to the community since April of this year, and we’d like to move them from a ‘grant’ to being funded directly from the DAO.

The final step is to pass the proposal that reflects their value.

Working with Head of Community:

They’re already reporting to the Head of Community, as well as helping in unofficial channels. There’s no meaningful change here, other than continued collaboration with PNF to help with improvements to our community culture, onboarding and support for new participants.

Community Accountability

So far the moderators have done great work while reporting to the Foundation, but are mostly autonomous and self-directing in their day-to-day work. As the community needs new forms of support around their initiatives, this gives a direct path to request moderator help and accountability for their work.

We’re close to launching community dashboards and analytics which should also provide visibility and transparency around how we’re using our resources, especially our community platforms. Everyone will be able to use this data to direct how we focus our community efforts and define success when it comes to participation and community growth.


@Jerry @Bruce


Deliverables within the role of Moderator will continue to reflect those outlines and completed within the original call for mods. Additional deliverables will be added as community needs shift.


The requested amount is the equivalent of $4000 month in POKT, paid at the monthly (trailing 30day avg) price.

This covers the current cost of having two lead moderators, plus a small amount of buffer room for adaptability as our community + responsibilities grow.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Thanks Zak! It’s a great experience to went through the hardest time and I am more than pleasure to contribute in our ecosystem!


I have always tried to give my 100% to the POKT community and helping anywhere I can.

It would be an honour to be recognised as a core contributor to the Pocket Network Ecosystem.

Looking forward to it :smiley:


I am following all Pocket Telegram groups and Discord chats. I do not see the value that Jerry and Bruce are adding to justify an ask of $4,000 per month, especially not now, while the POKT price is still low, and not even when the bull market returns. This is completely irrational in my opinion and a big waste of limited funds. The better use of funds would be to hire a new valuable contributor, well-known crypto influencer, or core developer.

Just to clarify, the $4k is the total ask for all community moderation + incentives, not per moderator. This amount covers their monthly contribution and has buffer for additional incentives, thinking along the lines of grants/bounties for community onboarding.


I agree POKT is still low and that we need to stay cost conscious given the price is still very low even with the recent rally. But I disagree on the premise here which is essentially that mods are not needed - they definitely are!
Unfortunately a lot of the valuable work the mods do is unseen given it’s deleting of spam, clearing support tickets in DMs etc. Moderation is a bit like a public good… happily consumed by all but its value only appreciated when it’s no longer available. I think Bruce and Jerry are exactly what we would want in mods, the spend is likely to be less than the ask, and that the ask itself is fair. I hope it gets passed


This proposal is now up for voting on Snapshot.


Thanks Dermot.

And just to add to Ben’s comment - the mods are doing a lot of invisible work for the community, from answering tickets to fixing permissions in discord + tg, to recording and participating in calls (which there are at least 2 a week) and managing some content. The less you notice them, the better they’re doing their jobs!

To be specific, we recently started using Mava, a support ticketing system, and they’ve answered more than 70 tickets in the last 4 weeks.

Our dashboard will launch in the next week and some of these metrics will be more visible, which should help make transparent the work being done behind the scenes.