Pre-Proposal: POKT Network x Encode Club 2024 Programming


Author: Katerina | Encode :sparkles:

Recipient: Encode Club

Category: Contract

Asking Amount: $75k paid based on a trailing average (7 days) of the $POKT/USD price from the date of payment.


Encode Club

Over the past five years, Encode Club has been at the forefront of building a vibrant educational community for developers, with the mission of helping people progress in their emerging tech careers. We have a proven track record of delivering successful educational programmes (bootcamps, hackathons and more!) in the web3 space. With a wide and diverse community of 100,000 developers, we strive to onboard the next generation of developers, while also helping existing projects get the support they need to raise and therefore increase project retention in your ecosystem. We are committed to encouraging developers to learn, build and advance their careers in emerging tech!

POKT Network x Encode Club

Last year POKT Network joined us as a Silver Sponsor of our Quarterly Bootcamps intensive 6-week training sessions designed to select and nurture the finest talent from both web2 and web3 backgrounds. These developers are selected through a rigorous application and interview process to delve into the core aspects of Solidity, ZK, and all the bits in between. At the end of the bootcamp we have a dedicated time for workshops by our partners, allowing POKT Network a dedicated slot of 30 minutes to engage with attendees on all things POKT Network.

Through this initiative we raise brand exposure and drive POKT Network’s market positioning while driving developer adoption and retention within the network. We achieved this by educating our community about the practical applications of Pocket technology to allow participants to get a hands-on experience of the tools and services available.

Our approach is data-driven and we’ve observed notable success with Pocket’s involvement in our Bootcamp series, particularly in introducing new developers to the network. We strive not only to sustain this momentum, but to also further enhance it. Additionally, we place great value on the feedback received from participants regarding Pocket, which serves as a cornerstone for refining our curriculum, ensuring that our collaborative efforts remain impactful and beneficial for all stakeholders involved.

2023 Bootcamp Stats

  • 1463 developers engaged across 12+ bootcamps supported (including Solidity, Expert Solidity, ZK) and involvement in the curriculum.
  • 65% from Web2, 23% from Web3, 12% students by interview background
  • 45% now employed in Web3 after programme

What’s next? Our 2024 Proposal!

Our goal for 2024 is to deepen our partnership through three strategic initiatives:

1. Gold Sponsorship for Quarterly Bootcamps

Building on last year’s success, we aim to elevate POKT Network to a Gold Sponsor for our Quarterly Bootcamps. This will enable more comprehensive workshops and direct engagement with developers, showcasing POKT Network’s technology and receiving valuable feedback.

2. POKT Network Educate Series

The POKT Network Educate Series will be a comprehensive online course made up of a series of workshops, designed to cast a wider reach in developers. By making these resources available on platforms like YouTube, we aim to extend our reach beyond the immediate Encode community, attracting a global audience. This series will feature content from POKT Network, community partners, and Encode, covering a spectrum of topics from basic introductions to advanced use cases. The goal is to not only educate developers about POKT Network’s ecosystem but also to demonstrate the tangible benefits of integrating POKT Network’s technology into their projects, thereby driving adoption and long-term retention within the POKT network.

3. Preferred RPC

Encode Club aims to designate POKT Network + participating Gateway businesses as Preferred RPC Partner for relevant events, including upcoming hackathons (we run 1-2 online hackathons per quarter), including our Web3 Scaling Hackathon in Q1 and our Web3_AI Hackathon in Q2. This strategic partnership will not only provide our developers with reliable, scalable RPC services essential for their projects but also spotlight POKT Network’s robust infrastructure.


Anthony | CEO and Co-Founder

Katerina | Bizops Lead

You can find more info about the Encode Club team here!


Bootcamps + POKT Educate Series + Preferred RPC: $75k

Breakdown of costs:

  • :boot:Gold Sponsorship for Bootcamps: $25k (retaining last year’s Silver Sponsorship rate)
    Elevate POKT Network’s involvement in our bootcamps, offering more in-depth engagement and showcasing POKT Network’s technology to new developers.
  • :nerd_face: Pocket Educate Series: $40k discounted to $25k in the bundle price
    Launch a comprehensive online course series to extend POKT Network’s educational reach and drive adoption within a global audience.
  • :nail_care: Preferred RPC Partnership: $30k discounted to $25k in the bundle price
    Establish POKT Network and participating Gateway businesses as the primary RPC provider for Encode events, showcasing POKT Network’s robust infrastructure to our developer community.

I wanted to chime in quickly with my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

Encode has been a fantastic partner to work with to date, always responsive and supportive.

The relationship fits well with building awareness and consideration among end user devs in service of our ‘Most Trusted Infra Brand in Crypto’ BHAG.

We’ve seen ‘wins’ from the exposure, with at least one potentially significant node operator coming to us via an Encode session. This is in addition to the general developer exposure. It has also proven to be a nice feature that we can offer to new Gateways and therefore supports our ‘Gatewayverse’ BHAG.

Personally, I am most excited by the preferred RPC partnership element of this proposal.

This is primarily because IMO our service isn’t inherently complex and I’m not sure it particularly benefits from the more in-depth workshop sessions.

Preferred RPC that is supported by solid explainer resources could provide much of the education, help galvanise us to produce these crucial resources, and potentially do an even better job of driving conversion & relay growth, as well as supporting Gatewayverse.

If this was my direct budget (vs DAO spend), that would be what I would prioritise.

We also need to work closely with Encode to improve analytics and result reporting before coming back to the DAO next time. We should be able to accurately report on what traffic this drives to our website, Gateway websites, and ultimately how it flows through to RPC usage.

I would love to hear your thoughts. :zap: