Era Cycle Report - Cycle 1

The DAO Era is broken in to two month cycles. We have included the Cycle report in Notion and include the link here: Cycle 1 Reporting

We want to make sure the following details and updates are captured here:

Updated Era Allocation - Cycle 2

The Era Allocation for community contributions is variable and recalculated each cycle. The updated calculations are below:

  • Minting Last 2 months: 19,984,765
  • DAO Take (10% Minting): 1,998,476
  • Era Allocation (80% DAO Take): 1,598,781 POKT

There are 1,598,781 POKT available for community contributions in Cycle 2 - September & October

Keystone Release Notes

Below is a brief description of what was shipped against keystone projects in the last 2 months:

Era budget and expenses

We will return 88,111 POKT from the Era Allocation to the DAO


The first two retrospectives were completed (1 Sockets Contributors, 1 Open Community Call). Our goal for Cycle 2 is to run 4 Retros. Outputs from retros here:


The following are action items coming out of the retros and will be delivered in Cycle 2:

Issue Action
Sockets mechanism + opportunities arenโ€™t widespread Improved materials and highlight sockets more so people see the opportunity + contribute
Contributors want more opportunities for collaboration + feedback Updated call cadences; bi-monthly v0 tech calls facilitated by Matteo
Need for better communication and regular updates Updated communication cadence; Zak to share an updated comms schedule
More insight into protocol development Updated communication cadence; Matteo & Zak to work on a dev-log like update
Consolidation of channels for comms, better signal to noise for all parties Audit on software, channels + discussion around consolidation coming from Zak + PNF