Protocol Team Personnel Update

Transitioning protocol development into the custody of the Pocket Network Foundation (PNF), on behalf of the DAO, is a necessary step in the continued decentralization of Pocket’s ecosystem, ensuring that the protocol is credibly neutral and open to all capable contributors. This has always been the intention, as originally envisioned in the Foundation for the Future. Alongside this goal, the successful development and launch of v1 remains the top priority for our ecosystem.

In service of these goals, PNF has been supporting PNI with the recruitment of protocol engineers and we also began the hiring process 2 months ago to bring on a Product Manager to oversee protocol development, ensure the successful delivery of v1 and the smooth transition of the protocol team from PNI to the DAO.

We are delighted to say that our recruiters came through and we have secured a new Head of Product, who will oversee protocol development via PNF, and two Senior Protocol Engineers. Their details are below.

New Hires

Head of Product – Matthew Rossi - LinkedIn, Twitter

Matthew joins us after more than 10 years in data and product leadership roles, most recently with 2 years at Chainalysis and then 2 years at Polygon, where he built out their product organization and oversaw PoS mainnet, Supernets, Avail, and Applied Research. He will be working alongside Olshansky to ensure the quality and timely delivery of the v1 protocol upgrade, as well as being the key point of contact for stakeholders on all protocol matters. As he is sitting inside PNF, he will also be an advisory resource to us on all technical/product matters.

Senior Protocol Engineer – Redouane Lakrache - LinkedIn, Twitter

Redouane is joining the Protocol team from France, following 15 years of experience as a distributed systems engineer, which most recently included blockchain engineering for ChiliZ, StakeHound, Biconomy, and Livepeer. He will help the protocol team to research, build, and ship all aspects of v1.

Senior Protocol Engineer – Prudhvi Rampey - LinkedIn, Twitter

Prudhvi (aka Rampey) is joining the Protocol team after a Master’s in IT from Rutgers and 5 years of experience in software engineering, which most recently included stints as a fellow at Polygon and founding engineer at OpenPool. He will lead everything related to incentives (rewards, slashing, double signing, etc) as it crosses the boundary of Pocket’s utility and consensus modules.

A Note on the ERA Budget

The ERA Budget included $100k to support v1 protocol development, which included “Support for acquisition costs of new hires (i.e. agency or scouting fees)”. Two of the above hires were placed by our recruiters and the associated fees total $92.5k, leaving $7.5k remaining of that line item.


It should not go understated that we reviewed hundreds of applications and interviewed dozens of candidates over the past several months. The individuals we selected stood out amongst all others in terms of their experience, expertise, ability to think from first principles, and passion to bring Pocket’s vision to life. :rocket:

Super excited to have everybody onboard! :ship:


I’m very happy to see this, as PNF needs engineering team on staff. I’m double happy to see that @Olshansky was part of this process, as I trust his expert opinion explicitly.


Hey, thanks for the warm welcome - happy to be here!


Welcome all new members to the Pocket fam!

Great to see strong candidates with experience at large blockchain companies come on board to help us roll out v1.


Hi everyone, stoked to join Pocket and be part of this journey! :blue_heart:


Matthew, Redouane and Rampey - on behalf of GRIP, welcome aboard!


Matthew, Redouane and Prudhvi - Warmest of welcomes to Pocket Family. :blue_heart:
Your remarkable skills will definitely be a great addition to Pocket Network, can’t wait to see all that you accomplish :muscle:!!