Era Cycle Report - Cycle 3

Please find below the latest Era cycle report for your attention:

Cycle 4 - Era Allocation

We have made the decision to extend Era cycles to 3 months and align with financial quarters. The details of the Era Allocation for Cycle 4, from Jan through March, is as follows:

  • Minting Last 3 months: 20,542,569
  • DAO Take (10% Minting): 2,054,256
  • Era Allocation (80% DAO Take): 1,643,405 POKT

There are 1,643,405 POKT available for community contributions in Cycle 4 - Q1 2024

Keystone Release Notes

  • Shannon (fka v1) Launch & Support
    • Selected a Shannon sequencer: Astria
    • Began sourcing audit partners for Shannon’s SMT
    • Onboarded Morse testnet maintainers and began testing for the last Morse testnet upgrade
    • Started Builder All-Hands calls
  • Shannon (fka v1) Economics R&D
    • Published simulation model
    • Aligned on consensus values for the threshold inequalities that will be used to assess the KPIs generated from cadCAD simulations across different parameter 'constellations’
    • See here for an overview of how the simulations will work
  • Gatewayverse
    • Nodies started sending relays to the network and paying the Gateway Fee - track on POKTscan here
    • Gateway Kit Github shared
    • Nodies Gateway Kit docs shared
    • PNF Gateway Kit docs shared
    • Gateway pipeline update:
      • 10 operators in pipeline
        • 2 at final (contract) stage with potential to bring 750m daily relays to the network
        • 1 at second-last (proposal) stage with potential to bring 500m daily relays to the network
        • 3 at qualified stage with potential to bring 1.75B daily relays to the network
        • 4 at initial stage with potential to bring 7B daily relays to the network
  • Road to Revenue
    • 6.3m POKT in cumulative protocol revenue
  • Trusted Brand
    • Released the new brand strategy & visual identity
    • Released the new website + docs, now working on building them out
    • Executed a builder’s mixer in Istanbul with API3, Phala Network, and Developer DAO
    • Kicked off some research to inform potential data tool development
    • Refined the audience segmentation, channel prioritisation, and key messaging
    • Supported Grove’s fundraise announcement, including media coverage
    • Amplified activity and successes from our Gateways
    • Executed narrative comms across channels
  • DNA
    • Greatly increased NPS score Quarter over Quarter
    • Proof of Impact post in the forum
  • Creds
  • Sockets & POPs
    • Gateway Demo POP, with 4 high quality submissions
    • Launched Testnet maintainers POP, with 4 submissions chosen to support
    • Closed 1 Socket experiment
    • Moved Sockets to streaming payments and trialing both wPOKT and USDC/Stables payments
    • Updated mechanisms, which lead to 5 new Sockets open
  • wPOKT
  • Tier1 Listing
    • Update on H1 exchange listings to be shared by end of January 2024
    • One tier 2 listing expected to be announced soon that will help unlock future tier 1 listings

Budgets & Expenses


I understand the budget sheets were not publicly visible but they have now been opened and can be viewed here: Era Cycle 3 - Finances - Google Sheets


This links to a page not found page…

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Thanks, the repos and docs have been transferred under pokt-network here

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