About the Quick Grants category

This category is home to all Quick Grant (previously Sockets) requests. Each topic post is a request to open a Quick Grant, and includes regular updates and materials from the grantees work.

A Quick Grant request can be opened to support one of the Ambitions of the latest Era. You can read more about Quick Grant mechanisms + expectations here.

For a good example of a Quick Grant, with reporting and community feedback, we like to refer to the POKTNews Socket.

A Quick Grant request must include:

  1. All grants need to deliver impact:
    • Very clearly describe how the Quick Grant supports our 2024 ambitions.
    • Define what the expected impact is, to be measured on in the self-reporting.
  2. Description of your planned work, and any previous work that may be relevent.
  3. Requested Value of Quick Grant: (note this is set/approved by PNF)
    • Trial: $500 for a short trial of something
    • Experiment/Initiative: $1-2K, paid and reviewed monthly for the life of the experiment
    • Immediate Impact: $2-4k, paid and reviewed monthly for the life of the experiment
  4. Commitment to “Default to open”.
    • Default to open means agreeing to self report progress each month and providing a link to where work will be stored.
      Example: “I will work in the open and self report monthly. My work can be viewed at this [github repo] at any time
  5. POKT Wallet address pokt payments
  6. ETH Wallet address for stables

You can find out more about Quick Grants and the broader GROW program here.

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