Era Cycle Report - Cycle 2

The DAO Era is broken in to two month cycles. We have included the Cycle report in Notion and include the link here: Cycle 2 Report

The key items for your attention are:

Updated Era Allocation - Cycle 2

The Era Allocation for Cycle 3 (Nov/Dec) is as follows:

  • Minting Last 2 months: 13,457,915
  • DAO Take (10% Minting): 1,345,791
  • Era Allocation (80% DAO Take): 1,076,633 POKT

There are 1,076,633 POKT available for community contributions in Cycle 3 - Nov/Dec

Keystone Release Notes

Below is a brief description of what was shipped against keystone projects in the last 2 months:

Era budget and expenses

PNF will soon provide a larger update on the Era and our pursuit of the Ambitions for the coming 6 months.


@b3n as a point of clarification, are there any items in the ERA budget where a set amount of POKT was put on a vested schedule, that hasn’t been changed since the price increases?

I’m thinking of items that are based on POKT or a USD evaluation but have multiple POKT payments. Is the POKT designated at the beginning and vested at the price of POKT at the start, or is each payment derived based on the recent market price?

The later would mean that in these later months less POKT is being spent for USD based items. Is that correct?

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All items in the Keystone budget are denominated in USD and paid in stables. We have sold POKT OTC only as needed to meet commitments, which has retained a good amount of the original POKT denominated Era budget.

For the Era allocation, all items are paid in POKT based on prevailing price at time they are incurred… so payments use the most recent 30day avg price at all times. The exception is @danielo and Togethercrew who denominated their submission to create the dashboard in POKT and thus got to benefit from the upside.