PGOV3 - Personhood Specification

The vision for Pocket Network is a future where the world most important digital infrastructure is owned and governed by it’s users.

A foundational element of recognizing users is a digital identity and Proof of Personhood.

We propose that POKT DAO adopt Gitcoin Passport as its technical solution to Proof of Personhood.

Technical Requirements

Our implementation of Gitcoin Passport will require all POKT DAO Voters to have a:

  • Gitcoin Passport Boolean Humanity Score > 20

A valid Gitcoin Passport will be implemented as Voter Validation within our Snapshot Strategies. For clarity, this means that if someone tries to cast a Snapshot vote without a valid Gitcoin Passport, their vote will not count.

How does Gitcoin Passport work?

Gitcoin Passport is an identity verification application and Sybil resistance protocol. It enables users to collect verifiable credentials, or Stamps, that prove their identity and trustworthiness without exposing personally identifying information.

We propose that each POKT DAO voter is required to have a boolean humanity score greater than 20 (the score recommended by the Passport team themselves for sybil resistance).

In practice, this means that a user will provide to Passport various types of identifying information like twitter account, gmail, facebook, eth wallet, valid NFTs and other IDs. Passport then applies a weight to each piece of identifying information (specific weights are linked here) to achieve the humanity score.

A user can collect any combination of stamps totalling up to the valid score.

How do we enforce anti-sybil?

Gitcoin Passport ensures that each POKT DAO Voter is a real person. This is broadly known as
”Proof of Personhood”. Because Passport does not expose personally identifying information, we can ensure personhood without doxxing any of our DAO Voters. This is an improvement over the existing personhood MVP that we have which requires a selfie posted to Discord.

Passport will be applied at the voting validation level, since this is the easiest method that ultimately prevents sybil voting. In practice, this means voters will be able to claim as many credentials as they want across multiple accounts, but they will only be able to vote with one of those accounts because they will require a valid Gitcoin Passport to vote.

We will use Snapshot’s out-of-the-box Voting Validation integration with Gitcoin Passport, which is currently being updated to include boolean scoring (and should be live prior to our launch).

Applying Personhood to each dimension

When applying personhood we follow this simple heuristic: do we have an individual limit to voting power? Only if there is a limit do we need an anti-sybil solution:

  • Citizen: 1 person 1 vote - each person limited to 1 equal vote
  • Builder: Proportional representation up to a maximum of 1 Person 1 vote, as the limit beyond which extra credentials do not add voting power
  • Staker: We intend to apply a square root calculation on each persons aggregate stake which will also require a proof of presonhood

In essence, we would apply a proof of personhood to every dimension individually. However, because Citizenship is required to be a voter in any dimension we will simply apply the requirement for a Gitcoin Passport at the voting stage

Implementation Details

Anyone can use Gitcoin Passport. The identity that you create is valid not just in POKTDAO but wherever Gitcoin Passport is used.

We will begin to onboard users to Gitcoin Passport following a Twitter space later this week and provide the steps for onboarding as an update to this thread soon. No need to wait for us though, the steps to create your Gitcoin Passport are linked in their docs here.

All existing POKTDAO Voters will require a valid Gitcoin Passport to vote in the new governance system. Your existing POKTDAO Vote will be migrated to the new system, but it is not possible to imbue your current governance rights without also having a valid ID (i.e. Gitcoin Passport).

Note: As this is not a formal proposal, these steps will not be ratified until the final metagovernance module is published and we do a PIP. The reason for publishing this module now is to give time for people to discuss it and start onboarding into Gitcoin Passport.

Example Wording for the Future Proposal: PIP #TBC

The above information serves as the outline for our proposal to adopt Gitcoin Passport as the Digital Identity provider for our governance system. Because we will make a full proposal to the DAO at a later time, we are simply signalling our intent here.

The signalling we will put to the DAOs voters will be:

Do you support our intention to make Gitcoin Passport the Proof of Personhood requirement for POKTDAO Voters?

  • Approve
  • Reject

We look forward to answering any and all questions here or on the community call and twitter space :slight_smile: