wPOKT x POKTober


wPOKT will be ready to launch ahead of schedule.

But we’re pushing it back by 2 weeks.

New dates for your calendars are:

  • 4th Oct (Bridge live)
  • 9th Oct (Uniswap pool live)
  • 12th Oct (Incentives live)


Because some big news coming from the protocol, combined with news around decentralization of Gateways, has created a potential opportunity for tier 1 coverage. We’re shooting for coverage in a tier 1 media, tier 1 podcast, and then broader coverage elsewhere.

But we need time to co-ordinate with partners, offer exclusives, and give them space to draft their coverage / schedule their slots.

This also gives us a little more time to create some high impact visual explainer threads as well as a new video so that there’s lots for the new eyeballs to explore. We can also make sure that our foundations are stronger with the technical docs, website, and naming work that has been going on.

Plus Ledger will now be integrated into the bridge from launch.

We have an opportunity to start turning around sentiment.

Here’s the WIP plan.

We need you

Here’s how you can help:

  • please use the bridge as soon as it’s live, talk about it, teach others, share feedback. And the same with the Uniswap pool.

  • we’ll post updates with social content links, in Discord and TG to ask you to like and reshare key posts. It all helps.

  • we’ll launch a POKTober campaign in the midst of this to address the fact that we’re ‘under-discussed’ - there will be a Call To Arms to create content about why you’re bullish on POKT Network. If I can help you craft / hone them please HMU. We could even put together a creators cohort for anyone who wants and level up our game together.

Fly wPOKT, fly!