RFP-8: Node Monitoring Tools


Anyone building (or interested in building) node monitoring tools should submit a PEP to the DAO for POKT grants, because these would be a much welcome addition to our tooling ecosystem.


We are at a stage in our ecosystem where several community members (known and most likely unknown) are working on tooling that will help with node monitoring. We should promote these efforts and foster an ecosystem of tooling that is available to everyone, so I think anyone building (or interested in building) these tools should be made aware that they can submit a PEP to the DAO and get substantial POKT grants for their contributions.

In general, we want to make node running as accessible as possible, to boost the number of self-hosting node runners and therefore enhance the health of the network. Third-party node service providers are not just attractive to community members for their ease of use but also their visibility into node performance and profitability. Accessible monitoring tools would therefore level the playing field and make self-hosting a more attractive proposition.


Promote the availability of node monitoring tools, to make it easier for community members to maintain self-hosted nodes.

Objective Key Results

  • There are more node monitoring tools
  • We have more self-hosted nodes / self-hosted nodes are performing better on average


I think the DAO should be generous with budget, for a few reasons:

  • Node tooling will bring a lot of value to our ecosystem
  • We would benefit from setting an example about the opportunities available in the POKT ecosystem, which should attract more community contributions
  • We would benefit from talented contributors having more skin in the game

It would be impossible to standardize a recommended budget across all of the tooling options, but in general I believe the DAO should be willing to spend at least 2X the typical dollar value of the project (in POKT). That said, ultimately the DAO will be deciding whether a requested budget is reasonable or not.

For reference:

  • PEP-1 asked for ~420k POKT, but was not put up for voting
  • PEP-2 asked for ~75k POKT and was approved

POKT’s price has grown ~5X since then, so with the above considerations about generosity in mind I might suggest a budget in the range of 25k-100k POKT. Of course, this depends on the nature of the project itself.

If a contributor can’t accept a full POKT payment, Pocket Network Inc may be able to supplement the DAO’s grant with a $USD payment from their Docs/DevRel budget, but this will be at their discretion.


There are multiple aspects to node monitoring, such as:

  • Income monitoring
  • Server health monitoring (CPU load, RAM used, unhealthy servers etc)
  • Node consistency monitoring (are both your pokt nodes and your external chain nodes on the correct blockheight)

The more valuable tools will be those that either:

  • Cover all aspects of monitoring in a unified and user-friendly way
  • Tackle one aspect of monitoring very well

Tools should also be open-source and may benefit from using existing open-source tools like Grafana and Prometheus.

How to Propose

Reply to this thread or DM me on Discord (@jackal) and I’ll assist you with the proposal process.