POKTlog - Q3 August 2022

POKTlog is a scannable release notes style update that will be published monthly with the goal of providing transparency into the progress the core team has made toward completing our roadmap.

The POKTlog will include:

  • TL;DRs- Key takeaways from that month’s work
  • PSAs - Action items and notices that directly impact our community
  • Done - Tasks that have been completed or we have made meaningful progress on during that month, broken down by core team and focus area
  • Next up - core focus areas for the upcoming quarter (start of quarter)
  • Additional Reading - New or key documentation/publications/releases

Check the POKTlog for updates about ongoing development, project deliverables and roadmap milestones. Feedback about this process is welcome!


POKTlog | Q3 August 2022

:eyes: TL;DR

:mega: PSAs

:green_circle: Done

:art: Product

  • Portal Monetization:
    • Introducing the first iteration of self-service payments in the Portal.
    • Provided overview and answered questions on Node Runners Call.
    • Finalized details and infographic materials.
    • On target for September 16 release.
  • New Chains:
    • Polygon-mumbai, Dogechain, Metis, Klaytn, Meter.

:hammer_and_wrench: Engineering

:handshake: Marketplace

:postal_horn: Marketing

  • Quality In-Person Meetings:
    • Onsite Marketing (partial) team deep dive in Tampa.
    • 1:1 Visits with various community members to better understand comms needs and keep lines of direct communication and feedback with core Marketing open.
  • Various marketing content production supporting new portal (monetization) GTM is currently underway. Activities include: persona research, competitive analysis, campaign development, content production facilitation, article development on network performance, success stories, partnerships, etc. and co-marketing chain AMAs. Promotion is scheduled to begin end of August/early September.
  • Planned for large presence at Bogota, Colombia events in early October include: Devcon, ETH Bogota and Infracon Bogota (Developers Conference).
  • Social:
    • Ongoing Heartbeat activities: Relay recap, monthly recaps, Pocket Partners blog series featuring chain and/or dApp spotlights, Reddit revitalization, constant media pitching for story features / bylines / podcasts, and goal to increase Twitter reach/engagement.
    • Finalized a PIP-22 mega tweet thread which will explain some key aspects, benefits and give some insights about the forum-debates prior the vote.
    • Ongoing partnership with Klaytn on the promotion of the #klaymakers22 hackathon.
    • Finalized full strategy and plans for new Pocket podcast – consisting of 23 episodes thus far.
    • Additional steps forward (implementing design and web dev to our staging environment) as to new pocket website, launch is expected next month.

:hugs: Ecosystem

  • Launched the Governance Town Hall series call.
  • Successfully hosted first-ever governance debate with the new Governance Town Hall series Call
  • Migrated documentation from the existing platform (GitBook) to a new, more community-focused platform (Hugo) to be released soon.
  • Docs content updates:
    • Successfully aligned with the team around supported chains, with this documentation becoming an accurate source of truth.
    • Organized a team around (and posted) a massively-updated Glossary, complete with around a dozen new entries.
    • Updated user documentation around the new login options in the Portal.
  • Completed “Hot Issues and Sentiment” process for collecting community feedback:
    • This will ensure that the core team is fully aware of community feedback and sentiment
  • Finalized POKTlog process and format:
    • A scannable release notes style monthly update that will be published on the POKT DAO forum (this being the first edition!)
  • YouTube content:
    • Posted four hours’ worth of content to the Pocket YouTube channel regarding governance and developer relations, with roughly 1,000 views.
  • Created Suggestions process:
  • Soft launch of Bounty Hunter on DeWork:

:books: Additional Reading


This is a great initiative, Thanks Ming.