Project Transparent Biz Dev

Pocket Network is being built around a set of core values, one of them being “Build a country and break borders.”

We are building open, lasting primitives in a new digital world. Previous conceptions about how things work will not always apply. Be collaborative and do not put up walls for others to come in.


The Business Development team at Pocket takes this value seriously and are looking for ways to make this value foundational to our work.

One of the ways we aim to do this is by being progressively transparent in our workflow. Along these lines, we are experimenting with having our “sales pipeline” being progressively transparent. In this spirit, below is a public dashboard that we are deciding to share with the community…

See here for the Project Transparent Biz Dev dashboard.

The objective of this public dashboard is to give a glimpse of what kind of growth the community can expect should we succeed in our planned business development activities. In particular, this dash could

  • help node runners understand growth expectations we have for specific blockchain
  • inform potential external contributors on which chains, or types of apps that are already being approached or would be good evergreen opportunities
  • provide data points to community members for deal velocity, sizing, and application types

Of note:

  • This is not a comprehensive solution for our Business Development team to be transparent. We understand that there is a lot more context and other data that we can share.
  • We are omitting or anonymizing data points that could potentially doxx our potential users.
  • Depending on any feedback or unforeseen consequences, we may decide to hold off keeping this dashboard published, or expand the transparency.

The Business Development team would like to thank community members for engaging in positive ways in our continued efforts to grow this network.

Of course, we also have active discussions about introducing a referral program here and community members can also mention core team members in our #app-builders channel if you want to highlight potential introductions you can make.


Thanks for opening up for the community to view…

Is there a reason why opportunity value is not included into the dashboard? I’d love to see that :eyes: if applicable.

Also could you break down “All Chains by Estimated Relays”? Is this also based off open opportunities?

SFDC masterrace :wink:

This is the Gwei! :grinning:

“Estimated Daily Average Relays” is a proxy for “Opportunity Value”.

I suppose the reason we don’t explicitly put it in is because if the “Opportunity Value” fluctuates based on any DAO controlled cost of relays, then we would have go back and change the “Opportunity Value” for every database entry every time there is a change.

To your point tho - under the current cost structure, 1mn daily average daily relays ~= $1k revenue. So if a chain has 145mn estimated daily average relays, it could bring as much as $145k revenue. However, do factor in the probabilities for each deal, and keep in mind that cost structure is currently being debated.

Yes, any chart that has the sub-title “Open” represents open opportunities.

Additionally the broken down data of the chart for All Chains by Estimated Daily Average Relays is in the table Current Open Opps - Table. There really should be a better sort functionality or even an export to CSV button, but we don’t control that.

Note: I updated one of the titles that mistakenly labeled “Opportunity Value” when it should have been “Estimated Relays”. Thanks for the catch.

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Makes sense, thank you!

Perhaps this is where I was confused. I don’t see xDai in the charts - but I see a large pie chart for it. Am i missing something?

Fixed! You weren’t missing anything.

Overall, I think this is an amazing step forward for transparency. I now finally have some insights to our usage and our incoming customers. I spent somewhat a little time in tech sales and unless I am missing something… cross comparing this to our free relay traffic today… the sales pipeline isn’t looking too hot to bring us significant demand for network relief. Is there any business insights on how many sales we are going to get from B2C and not B2B? I.E statistics of portal usage from registered users, surveys taken from portal users on free to paid conversion, etc?

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I appreciate your thoughtfulness - this is a great discussion. I think what’s important here is to distinguish between the BD funnel and the Portal. Going forward we should look at new Portal users as “self serve”. This means that they signed up for the Portal independently of the BD team. Any future revenue earned from new, self-service users should be considered separate from the BD funnel and revenue.