PEP-41: IDentify Efficiencies And Suggestions (IDEAS)

Edited 09/20 to change recipient/custodian to Foundation.


  • Authors: @b3n @Ming
  • Recipients: Contributors via the Foundation
  • Category: Bounties
  • Asking Amount: $10k USD of POKT, $5k to be immediately converted to USDC

“None of us is as smart as all of us” - Ken Blanchard


TLDR: We are seeking a small grant to prototype and test an incentive reward mechanism for community ideas and suggestions.

Each day on this forum and numerous Telegram and Discord channels, the community discusses how to make Pocket Network a foundational piece of infrastructure. Primarily these discussions focus on high-value, strategic proposals and grants for significant undertakings.

But there are other smaller, but perhaps no less impactful, ways to empower the community and core teams to create value collaboratively. Smaller, because nothing is too small when you want to build a culture of the highest quality, and no less impactful because every incremental improvement adds up and ultimately compounds over time. This statement is not just a hope - it is outlined in the theory of Marginal Gains:

Marginal Gains theory outlines compounding effects that lead to highly differential outcomes, and the approach has realised numerous real-world results. It espouses first principles thinking by breaking things into components to find new opportunities.

Our ambition for this proposal is to incentivise everyone in the Pocket community to share their knowledge, context, and creativity to help Pocket make gains at any scale that add up to a big difference over time.

How it works

We share thoughts and feedback through numerous channels but generally speaking, it is difficult to answer:

  • If I want to share feedback to help Pocket improve, where do I go?
  • What are the most important improvements the community and core team want to see?

Our mechanism aims to incentivise the behaviour of sharing ideas or opportunities in a more structured and transparent way.

The mechanism creates a shared “Community Suggestions” funnel in Dework:

Any community member can provide a suggestion here, and through an automation with Discord, it will be added to a #suggestions channel and our community suggestions backlog.

In the suggestions backlog, community members can further participate by upvoting suggestions they think are valuable. The core team will use this feedback as input for their own improvement efforts and backlog. When specific community-recommended suggestions are activated or actioned, the core team will have the ability to reward the individual who provided this suggestion with a discretionary amount of $POKT.

Note: PEP 40 provides further explanation of how actionable work can also be bountied back to the community for completion.


The main motivation is to seek out and action efficiency opportunities and suggestions from the wider community and embed in Pocket Network a focus on continuous improvement and quality.

That said, there are numerous second-order benefits to experimenting with an incentive mechanism like this, including:

  • Reduce the friction for anybody to participate in helping improve Pocket
  • Provide opportunities for the community to share their creativity and innovation and signal their general sentiment
  • Create richer, more specific, and actionable feedback for different teams
  • Encourage and reward people who make helpful suggestions to Pocket without the explicit expectation of a quid-pro-quo for participating


We seek an equivalent budget of $10k USD of POKT for a 4-month experiment. Candidly, we do not know if this will be an appropriate budget, but we intend this experiment to happen very publicly and to provide monthly updates of how the funds are being deployed. We also welcome here now further discussion from the community as to whether this budget seems reasonable.

To add, we think there are numerous hypothetical examples of security or sales improvement suggestions that might be deserving of the whole $10,000USD budget on their own, but for now, we want to focus on increasing the volume of small improvement suggestions and to fine-tune the mechanism to most effectively leverage this budget for the Pocket ecosystem over time.

Dissenting opinions

  • The budget is too small to do anything meaningful

    This is a prototype and test. If successful, we will return to increase or expand the budget

  • People should provide suggestions without being rewarded or incentivised

    Yes, and we hope they will continue to do so. But this is a small way to recognise those people without creating an expectation of reward and to drive some engagement as we stand up this mechanism

  • There are better ways to spend $10k

    Everyone can always debate this. Or, now, they can add a better idea to the suggestions mechanism, and people can upvote if they agree :wink:


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Hi @b3n,
I agree that all suggestions and ideas should be considered but proposing a certain thing and analyze its impact and/or implementation are completely different things. Anyone can propose a change but only a few take the time to create a viable proposal from that idea.

I have a few questions:

  • What is exactly a “Community suggestion”? Is it a simple idea, such as: “Let’s give more rewards to nodes with more staked POKT” or is it the concept of how it should be done (like PIP-22)?
  • If the suggestion is just a simple idea; it will be easy to post anything and the suggestions input could be full with unfeasible things. I also find it hard to reward someone for a simple statement, ideas are free, implementations matter.
  • If the suggestion should contain a certain amount of analysis; Whats the difference between these suggestions and a PIP?
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Thanks for these questions. Answers below, noting that this is a prototype/experiment and answers will be more clearly defined together with the community over time.

  • What is exactly a “Community suggestion”? Is it a simple idea, such as: “Let’s give more rewards to nodes with more staked POKT” or is it the concept of how it should be done (like PIP-22)?

Community suggestions is primarily about identifying marginal gains for how we improve operational effectiveness, so I expect suggestions to generally be smaller in scale and more focused towards operations/ecosystem type suggestions rather than protocol specific. That said, feature requests or other (small) technical items could be suggestions.
Here’s a personal suggestion as an example: We need a “Who’s who” type page or discord channel so we know who does what and through this transparency reduce our reliance on tribal knowledge.

  • If the suggestion is just a simple idea; it will be easy to post anything and the suggestions input could be full with unfeasible things. I also find it hard to reward someone for a simple statement, ideas are free, implementations matter.

Agree, implementation/execution is more valuable which is why we have requested only a small budget. We have created templates in dework for structuring suggestions so they are captured in a more valuable and easier to assess way. I expect this to work hand-in-hand with PEP42 so that we have small rewards for suggestions/opportunity and then larger bounties for things that move to implementation. Regarding unfeasible things, I’m pretty confident the community will only upvote things they think are valuable/feasible.

  • If the suggestion should contain a certain amount of analysis; Whats the difference between these suggestions and a PIP?

Scale/size. We expect suggestions to be smaller in nature (and as shared above more towards operational/ecosystem than product/protocol)


This is a great idea. Yes immediate conversion of half to usdc makes sense. I tested out the website - a couple of suggestions:

  • It would be nice for the author of a suggestion to be able to edit its content and possibly to withdraw it. (LOL, I created a test post to see what functionality it includes and now can’t delete it)
  • I assume there will be a mod to remove postings that it deems to be inappropriate (Like my orphan test suggestion ;D )
  • It would be nice to enable comments to a post. This can serve a couple purposes:
    -it can provide context to why someone voted to downvote a suggestion, giving the contributor opportunity to fix the perceived defect leading to downvoting
    -more importantly, it can allow the community to start suggesting refinements and/or potential paths of implementation.

Continuing the above concept, once a suggestion is sufficiently upvoted, it could then be opened for community to brainstorm the intermediate space between a suggestion and the core team developing. E.g., continuing the example you gave above, “We need a Who’s who type page” another contributor might add, "I suggest hosting this on the Resources tab of forum.pokt,network; make it a pinned topic in the tab, and have it link to a google sheet where it is populated with not only official whos who but also contains “tribal knowledge” of who informally has a reputation of being able to help in different topic areas. A pinned message on the discord Welcome tab could point to the same " Then both top suggestions of topics and top suggestions of how to implement an upvoted topic can get rewarded… This may give you a lot more bang for your buck.


Thanks for testing the functionality and providing great feedback and thoughtfulness around how we operationalise this… it’s greatly appreciated (fyi i deleted your test suggestion too).

I’d love to work with you and anyone else in the community that wants to help us activate this and help it become an engine for optimising Pocket together. I’ll put some thought into how a small working group could form around this…

RE some of the suggestions, we will take on board and also explore what is on the Dework roadmap… they ship fast and may be able to help us with these functionalities but I expect there will still be some limitations as to what we can do

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I support this proposal.


The example suggestion itself is actually good. These small suggestion might be exhausted pretty quickly but thats why its good to start with a small amount of compensation.

One thing worth mentioning, especially at this scale, is the feedback loop; it needs to be short enough to sustain momentum E.g. weekly review of highest voted suggestion and quick reward for doing so.


This proposal is now up for voting Snapshot

This proposal was approved with 18 approvals and 0 rejections. Snapshot


Well done on passing this, will be interesting to see how it develops.

Can I suggest (may need another vote, but hopefully just a best practice implementation at this stage: Set a minimum bounty to offer every suggestion that get’s passed.

It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, maybe 1000 POKT (or 500POKT/$50 etc) but setting a floor at least encourages everyone to participate and gives a small but meaningful reward to those who might offer a good idea that helps the community even if it didn’t need a huge amount of background research/analysis/modelling etc.


I really like this suggestion and support it. I will communicate more on this but expect the equivalent of $50USD is a reasonable minimum.

First thing first thought, please add this as a suggestion in Dework :wink::

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