NodeWallet Offical Release! ✈

NodeWallet is now in the Chrome Store!

This wallet was built in response to ALLOCATED PRIORITY: New Wallet and we are excited to now have it fully released in time for the wPOKT LP incentive program.

An Open Future

Our philosophy in designing this wallet was to make it modular, so new networks can be easily added in the the future. All native POKT functionality is able to be found in the pocketjs-utils, and new networks can be added in the same manner. With Shannon picking up steam, adding Shannon to the wallet will be very straightforward, giving POKT a unified experience to interface with both Morse and Shannon.

In the future the wPOKT Bridge can also be directly added, negating the need to use a dedicated bridge website. By adding EVM support, bridging could happen with a single click, without needing to wait and sign multiple transactions. Many possibilities in the future, and it will come down to what the community prioritizes.

Check out some the features we would like to progressively build via our Socket.

New Features

A new version has already been submitted to the Chrome Store which brings a number of new features. It is going through the acceptance process now but to be ready for the new version, get the Chrome Store version now so your wallet will have automatic updates!

The coming version includes:

New Features:

  • New select account screen for when connecting to wPOKT but no account is selected
  • Update wallet and account name functionality
  • New menu with app version displayed
  • New settings page
  • User can set auto lock time
  • User can turn off testnets


  • Updated adding new accounts to pull balances synchronously
  • Updated balance RPC requests to retry on RPC errors
  • Updated connect screen to better fit host text