New Wallet: New features, upgrades, and maintance

1. Socket Overview

This socket is by Decentralized Authority to enable feature adds, upgrades, and maintenance of a new POKT wallet, which was commissioned by PNF. To account for PNF’s intial budget, we started the wallet initiative with the lowest possible cost. However, there are features and future development that we would like to pursue, hence why we are started a socket for this wallet.

Potential future features:

  • Import Seed Phrases from other wallets (ex. POKT Wallets using a MataMask Seed Phrase)
  • EVM Support (hold wPOKT from Ethereum, in the same wallet with all the Standard Wallet Functionality
  • Recipient Address Book
  • Stake, unstake, and unjail nodes (custodial and non-custodial)
  • Professional UX Design
  • Automated Testing
  • Updates, maintenance, and support

2. Type of Socket

  • Experiment: $3K, paid and reviewed monthly, for the life of the experiment.

3. Commitment to “Default to open”

We will work in the open and self-report monthly.

4. Link to Work

Github Repo

5. Wallet



This socket is now opened. We look forward to seeing what other valuable features you build into the wallet :saluting_face:


September update:

Development of the POP features are almost complete. The wallet will be code complete by next week, in time for wPOKT.

Regarding the extra features in this Socket:

  1. Groundwork has been laid for EVM support. With this wallet being built with new code from the ground up, this month we built a plugin structure that allows the wallet to scale to other chains and network in the future. POKT’s plugin has been created, and we now have the groundwork for EVM support.

  2. Professional UX Design: While the initial release of the wallet will be a simpler UX, this is the design we plan to implement in the coming weeks. It is multi-chain ready as shown in the example below, giving each chain/token a distinct color design.

Be on the lookout for an announcement next week for the beta release :wink:

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