Community Moderator Program

:crown: Who and Why is a Community Moderator Important?

A Community Moderator is a leader of the community who helps to create and maintain spaces for members to feel safe and can find belonging. A space where one can share, exchange ideas, questions, and concerns while encouraging involvement to benefit both the community and the protocol.

In order for our community to be successful, a Community Moderator helps by playing an important role to drive our narratives, create positivity, answer questions, share valuable resources, and in helping other members find answers.

:old_key: Community Moderator Guidelines

  1. Provide a welcoming and positive environment to our community members.
  2. Support in brainstorming and organizing of events that can help drive value to our community.
  3. Act for the good of the protocol in determining action, and upholding all official guidelines.
    1. Pocket Network Community Guidelines
    2. Community Moderator Guidelines
  4. Remain unbiased at all times in moderation decisions, without regard for personal or financial considerations.
  5. Have an established general knowledge of Pocket Network’s protocol with in-depth knowledge preferred.
  6. Be willing to take responsibility in supporting community questions and in mitigating conflicts.
  7. Be the eyes and ears of the community to provide feedbacks, suggestions or escalate issues/concerns to PNF or PNI leadership when needed.
  8. Notate summary of impactful issues/events to the Issue’s tracking summary page.
  9. A Community Moderator is still an independent community member that is able to provide their own neutral/critical voices.
  10. A Community Moderator should never self-moderate (in their own thread).
  11. If a Community Moderator has a history with a community member, and believes said community member is in violation of the guidelines, they should pass the decision on to another moderator.
  12. Community Moderators has their right to resign from their role if given notice.
  13. Pocket Network Foundation reserves the right to dismiss Community Moderator at any given moment without prior warning.

:earth_asia: Social Platforms for Community Moderation

:scroll: Performance Metrics and Deliverables

  • A Community Moderator is considered as a part-time community contributor where performance will be qualitative, such as community engagement and support, and be evaluated on a weekly basis by the Head of Community.
  • Each supporting social platform will have monthly deliverable upkeeps, which will be detailed in the Community Moderator Handbook.

:handshake: Grant & Support for Community Moderators

  • Monthly grant in $POKT at month end per each supported platform:
    • Lead Community Moderator
      • $1500
      • Additional responsibilities:
        • Leads the Community Moderators by specific regions to ensure all tasks and guidelines are being met and followed.
        • Have moderating oversight to all official supported channels.
        • Document and compile impactful issues/events to the Issue’s tracking summary page and generate community reports to be shared on a weekly bases.
    • Community Moderator
      • $500
  • $POKT price will be calculated based on 30 day trailing average price.
  • Initial/last payment will be prorated based on Community Moderator’s initial starting or dismissal date of the month.
  • Private Community Moderator Telegram Channel for discussions, training and support.
  • Weekly 1:1 meeting with the Head of Community.
  • Community Moderator Handbook.

:writing_hand: Applying for Community Moderator

:page_with_curl: Community Moderator Application (google form)

:white_check_mark: Process for Approval (direct recommendation by PNF can also be considered)

  1. Submit application form (google form).
  2. Application review by PNF.
  3. Upon submission approval, follow up interview with submitter.
  4. Final decision for approval after interview.
  5. Onboarding.

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