CLOSED: Update of the Documentation

A lot of information that can be found on the forum here needs to be consolidated and added on documentation.I hope to spend sometime researching,consolidating and updating all the segments of the documentation that are outdated.
Scope of work : -

Completed - Basic information docs update.

Now - Updating the basic information layout and links to make it easiest for someone to find information around the documentation.

Next - Researching on the links and information above from different sources here(forum),discord ,community chat and calls and verifying what needs updating or creating new.
(Much bulk of the work resides here).

Later - Consolidation all the information where it should be and verifying from different partners in the ecosystem where necessary. Referencing gateway docs to avoid repetition and create a multi directional information flow.

Initiative :
$1K ,paid and reviewed monthly ,for the life of the experiment.

I will work on self reporting on a weekly basis.
Currently working with (@PSkinnerTech ) from Developer Dao.

Link to work:
ATM the docs reside @

Latest work

Wallet address : 84008c50e16fc78542296a4b7195e935e20a6045

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I knew pocket network and the project as a whole in late 2021 and started actively following developments from early 2022 when pocket was 0.8.
I have witnessed the growth of the ecosystem from the days when we used to have a 2.5 month runway left to the now that we have two operational gateways in place.
I hope to contribute to the documentation and enable anyone new to our ecosystem to understand what pocket is all about.

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I think that this is really necessary, we know that a lot of data is only in the forum, but the forum holds not only up-to-date data, but also legacy data. For example, if look for inflation control mechanisms in the forum you will find a lot of proposals, but the only real data is the ARR proposal (because it is the one in effect). For a new community member (or an LLM tracker like Pnyx :smiling_face_with_tear:) this is very confusing.
Will this effort try to solve this problem and keep the docs up to date with active proposals? This would be great

Also, will you merge your documentation to the official repo?


Yes, I am hoping to only have the docs with the up to date information and any other links point to this forum for reference.
Yes,the docs will be merged to the official repo.
I am hoping to consolidate information in an easy to find manner.

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You have not specified your remuneration in the socket proposal which is a main component. Please edit and compelete all the required fields.

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Latest work GitHub - MzyngaTech/pokt-docs-v2 at Browse_Documentation

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Welcoming more links Link to research in case I missed a vital part of the ecosystem…

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Hey Mike -

Thanks for requesting this socket. I’d like to connect with Patrick before officially opening this socket, as we have multiple individuals working on the docs and no clear reporting structure or guidance.

I’ll follow up in less than 48 hours.


Okay,for a while now the been meaning to contribute but most of the priorities previously were out of my scope.In the meantime I will keep updating some of the branched with info as I find it…

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Governance content draft…GitHub - MzyngaTech/pokt-docs-v2 at Governance

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As it is, PNF’s mission is to increase the DAO’s impact.
Every set time cycle the DAO sets ambitions,those ambitions support pocket’s network mission,vision and values.
These ambitions align towards a specific north star set for that ERA
ERAs are how the DAO,operate,assign and execute different Keystone projects that align towards the north star set.
ERAs are made up of execution cycles that span over a certain time,at the moment they are 2 months cycles.

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From the governance materials I have manged to get to,this best describes how the DAO operates I hope it resonates the best.

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Updated content on this branch,calibrated readme links for governance.

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Thanks for your patience @mike as we sorted through some stuff. @PSkinnerTech has opened a lead maintainer socket and I’d love for you to keep working with him to get all our docs to be best in class!

As a reminder, sockets open before the 25th of the month report in the same month, so please complete a monthly report by Jan 1.

@b3n this socket is officially open, starting from Dec 5.

Community please follow along + contribute in discord socket thread Documentation Updates | PSkinnerTech & Mzynga


Been on holiday last couple of days,thank you will complete.

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I have made updates to the content of this branch and added the following :-

  • Updated README browse documentation section adding content in governance section about DAO ERA,PNF , tech stack and tools section.

  • Created the layout of the DAO ERA content under govern/ ERAs/ path to accomodate Sockets,POPs,Bounties information about GROW program.

  • Updated ERAs readme to accomadate V1 ambitions and budgets.

  • Created PNF content under /govern/PNF to accomodate Roles and Responsibilities,Operating philosophies,Goals and Roadmap,Foundation Staff.


Sorry for hijacking this thread, but I cannot find the @PSkinnerTech socket thread.
I see that @mike is creating PRs against GitHub - PSkinnerTech/pokt-docs-v2 and that the docs (github book) is being served from this repo.
When will this be normalized? All contributors are welcome, but the docs should be hosted by a DAO controlled account, this was the reason why the docs where moved from Grove’s repository if I recall correctly.
We are waiting on this to be normalized for months, Pnyx is still tracking old docs as the new ones where never formally created and we are unsure of their final form and destination.

Hey @RawthiL!

We’ll have this normalized this week, hopefully as early as tomorrow AM (January 4th). I’m aligning with @JackALaing to make sure that when I transfer ownership that I maintain the ability to review and approve PRs. It would have happened last month, but everyone was on vacation while I was actively making direct updates.

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Thanks for your work this month @mike !

This socket is open for January, and Ben will get you set up on the payment stream next week, backdating to when you opened it.

I’m excited to see you and Patrick working together to keep improving our docs. I’ve been dropping notes in discord for updates we want to see, which include some broken links and outdated info. I’d really love to see a pass on all content to see what’s missing and how it can be improved. Our docs are arguably the most important early touchpoint, and we’ve got a long ways to go to catch up to some of the other players in web3 (looking at Celestia, Lava, etc).

Let’s connect next week, you Patrick and I, on how we can prioritize a docs overhaul before ETHDenver. if you want to sync, otherwise let’s discuss in the discord channe Documentation Updates | PSkinnerTech & Mzynga

Additionally - I’m asking all open Sockets to join us next Thursday for the Builders All-hands. I’d like to encourage people getting paid via the DAO to know what’s going on with the protocol, and have a forum to ask questions and cross pollinate, especially as docs are crucial. Matteo will run the first half w/ developers & protocol, and then I’d take the second half to review sockets work and unblock you and anyone else. The ultimate goal here being more cross-pollination and collaboration, so looking forward to you showing up and sharing on Thursday!