Development of explainer morphs/videos - (Governance model focus)

As we go through this period of updating our governance model,we will be needing to support all the new community members who will be experiencing it for the first time.
In my previous socket I worked on all elements of our project and updated the documentation.
Apart from the fact that the project is amazing,it occurred to me that the only means of consuming the information about the project is through the documentation,which has received a serious make over after a couple of sockets and is ready for the new eyeballs.
This socket seeks to supplement the choices our users have.

How you will deliver impact:

The average attention span for internet user is 8 seconds,with this in mind we hope to create impact in two ambitions,Pocket having the healthiest culture and governance of any DAO and Pocket has the most trusted infrastructure brand in crypto.(Ambition 2 and 5).
We hope to do this by creating user stories to make it as easy as possible for someone coming into our project to consume as much information as possible within the 8 seconds.

Description of your planned work, and any previous work that may be relevant.

Previous work can be found here documentation

We hope to create impact in the above two ambitions by creating user stories through : -

  • Using Mermaid JS to create diagrams of all users stories relating to governance.

As you know our docs have support for mermaid which enables us to develop charts and diagrams,we are hoping to develop and update the docs with diagrams of the steps involved in the user journeys of our governance model,with the aim of ensuring it’s easy to understand and use.

  • Creating short explainer videos targeting specific user stories relating to governance.

Pocket is a project with tentacles related to each other and depending on each other.With the new governance model paving way for gateway verse which paves way for Shanon launch we have tentacles growing bigger everyday.
I believe as the project ages we will have a lot of innovations happening at the pocket bus level,before that happens we will need a way to explain to the new builders coming into our ecosystem about how these tentacles are related.
This part of the socket aims to create content showcasing the relationship between the tentacles and their growth,with our first focus being the governance model,think voting houses and their related weights and how they relate to ERAs>Ambitions>ways to contribute etc…

  • Creating assets to be shared with the ecosystem that could cut across marketing and governance.

We will use Adope illstrator , photoshop and blender to create digital media,once this sockets reaches EOL these media will be handed over to PNF,DAO and the community.

Implementation plan :-

  • Create user stories diagrams using mermaid for the docs.
  • Generating assets for the user stories i.e scripts,background images,fonts etc.
  • Explainer videos of the user stories.
  • Community feedback and iteration.

Our guiding questions are :-
How best do we tell the story about the Pocket DAO OS,voting houses,ERAs,Ambitions and how they all relate to different classes of our users.

Initiative :

Amount : - $1890, paid and reviewed monthly ,for the life of the experiment.

Duration :- 6 - 8 weeks with weekly updates .


I will work on self reporting on a weekly basis.

Link to work:

All doc updates will be accessible to the public from here.
Previous and current pocket media will be accessible from here.

I am hoping to work with @doctorrobinson , @b3n ,sockets working on governance or any community member willing to add value to the current state of affairs to align,change or update the priorities in this socket.


I discussed with @mike that he can support governance via the currently posted bounties. If these are at the level needed we’d be happy to revist the idea of this socket, but until then this will remain unopened.


Thanks @mike and @b3n - I was going to suggest the same thing that these seem like good bounties vs quick grants, as each one is a scoped deliverable vs ongoing monthly work.

In general I’d like to move toward using bounties more for items like this that are specific and measurable deliverables, and quick grants for ongoing work that is harder to quantify.