CLOSED: Update of the Documentation

Progress can be followed GitHub - MzyngaTech/pokt-docs-v2 at Governance

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I have published the final content update to the governance module and opened a PR,after the PR is merged I think this socket will have reached it’s EOL…
This PR includes all content about Governance.

Pocket DAO OS.
PNF Information.
ERAs include information about sockets,pops,peps and bounties.
Citizenship include information about DAO and DNA quests.
Voting include information about Citizens house,Builders house,and Skaters house.

A big shout out to everyone we worked together on this sockets it was so great analyzing the project in details.
@doctorrobinson @PSkinnerTech

More sockets coming soon…


Thanks for your work here Mike, appreciate you stepping in to help out and update the docs.

We’ll consider this one closed, and look forward to the next socket.