About the Sockets category

This category is home to all Socket grant requests. Each topic post is a request to open a Socket, and includes regular updates and materials from the grantees work.

A Socket request can be opened to support one of the Ambitions of the latest Era.

A Socket request must include:

  1. Ambition you plan to support, metric you plan to influence, and a very simple description of your planned work
  2. Type of Socket:
    • Trial: $500 for 2 week trial of something
    • Experiment/Initiative: $1-2K, paid and reviewed monthly, for the life of the experiment
  3. Committment to “Default to open”. Default to open means agreeing to self report progress each month and providing a link to where WIP work will be stored.
    Example: “I will work in the open and self report monthly. My work can be viewed at this github repo at any time
  4. Wallet address for Socket payments

You can find out more about Sockets and the broader GROW program here

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