CLOSED: PoktNews plugs into the Socket 🔌

Just PoktNews doing… well PoktNews stuff :grinning:

Areas of work:
Managing the PoktNews and PoktDao twitter accounts.

Providing daily updates on all things $Pokt
-Network Events

Weekly Summaries
-Community Calls,
-Noderunners Office Hours,
-PoktNews Weekly Run Down,
-Pokt Behind the Avi

and general day to day community commentary

Type of Socket: Experiment
$3K in $Pokt paid and reviewed monthly, for the life of the experiment

We will work in the open and self-report monthly




Thanks for providing this information. The Socket has been opened


Copying @ethen’s monthly reporting like…



Month 1 report of the RAD pro… wait, sorry, wrong one! The Socket program :zap:

So, PoktNews, what have we 🫵 done this month?

We delivered daily updates as promised, uploading new proposals, bounties, suggestions, and highlighting and showcasing notable network events with a thread or two :blush:

Is that all? :person_shrugging:

We also provided weekly recaps with the Weekly Run Downs and the Node Runners Office Hours, and we look forward to summarizing the first Community Call of the year.

Hmmm, need a bit more than that?!

:open_mouth: Erm, well, we… we… we… highlighted the Pokt Squad at EthDenver and gave insights into their experiences. We’ve also got the bi-weekly Behind the Avi lined up for this weekend, displaying the personalities behind the integral members and big brains of our community. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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Did you introduce any new segments? Any experiments you are working on or testing now? And just a general feel do you think we got more or less engagement this month for any particular reason?


Great questions.

Did you introduce any segments/experiments?

Initially, we had an idea to document the path new DAO members took to encourage more community members who wanted to join but found it daunting. We first documented @Ale_dVG’s journey and planned to do @jalde’s next, but upon hearing about the Trophies System overhaul, we paused that segment for the time being.

Also, we were making short explainer videos for new proposals, but it got a bit expensive as proposals were coming in thick and fast :sweat_smile:. So, we paused on that but might be looking to pick it back up and branch out to other areas of the ecosystem, not just proposals.


We definitely saw more engagement this month, particularly within the last week, mainly due to the $ARB airdrop. One of the things we also do is track daily $Pokt sentiment across Twitter, and up until the recent price drop, the sentiment was positive. The RPC bottleneck experience shone a bright light on Pocket.

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What has PoktNews been up to in the month of April?

Well, we gained a bit of weight, but apart from that, it was much the same as March with a few additions.

We began contributing to the Pocket Network twitter account in the first week of April. Initially, we planned to migrate most of the content seen on PoktNews to the main account right away. However, we quickly realized it would be better to do so gradually, allowing followers to become accustomed to a different style and personality than they had been used to before. Our goal is to give the main account a stronger community feel, showcasing all aspects of the ecosystem while maintaining the insightful content that PNI is known for, and doing our best to increase engagement.

Community sentiment for the month of April was quite tumultuous. Reports and updates from PNI and PNF initially drove sentiments quite high, only to be slightly dampened by volatile price action.

We’ve noticed an influx of new community members and followers, many of whom were drawn by the Ambassador program.

In the final week of April, we began researching how much engagement an account with the same size and number of followers receives to see what could be done differently to increase the main account’s reach. The findings will help us better understand the most effective ways to increase reach and engagement.


Big fan on all fronts.


Awww shucks. Tysm :face_holding_back_tears::saluting_face:

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Another month has passed, and it’s time for our self-report for May.

As usual, we’ve been busy with the routine tasks that PoktNews is known for – but there’s more to share. As we mentioned in our April report, we set out on a research journey to uncover the best strategies for increasing the reach and engagement of the PoktNetwork main Twitter account.

To do so, we observed three other Twitter accounts- two in the RPC infrastructure space (one with a third of the PoktNetwork account’s followers and another with roughly three times our following) and a L1 protocol account with a similar following.

Here are our findings:

  • Our average impressions per follower are comparable to those of other infrastructure sector accounts.
  • We receive little engagement from accounts larger than ours, which could enhance our reach. This is understandable given the recent price action and the RPC infra space’s struggle to capture wider ecosystem attention. Time to make RPCs exciting again!
  • The account’s visuals for notable events, announcements, milestones, and partnerships/chain integrations are noticeably less impressive than our counterparts’, which can negatively affect engagement.
  • As expected, price action influences engagement.
  • Our follower count has been on a slight decline since we increased our posting frequency.

To address these issues, we plan to:

  • Infuse more personality into our posts.
  • Collaborate with the Socket Design team to create engaging graphics for each significant event.
  • For now, limit tweets to noteworthy announcements, ecosystem updates, partnerships, PNI/Portal informative blog posts. The goal is to highlight our wins, provide something tangible that both new and existing community members can feel proud to like, retweet, and comment on, and reduce noise when sentiment is low due to price action.
  • Engage more with comments to make the account personable and build new connections.

It’s important to remember that we are learning and refining our approach as we go, so these strategies may need to be adjusted.

Apart from Twitter, we are also striving to boost Community Call attendance. We plan to stay in tune with the latest topics discussed within the community and liaise with @Ming to update the Community Call Topic Suggestions on a weekly basis to keep things current.


Our report card for June

Does it feel like June lasted forever, or is it just us? :sleeping:

We did the usual stuff this month, like commentary, recaps, updates and all that jazz

Okay, that’s it! See you next month👋

Just kidding! In May, we set a goal to spruce up the main Pocket account by adding more engaging graphics. So, we worked with the sockets design team throughout June to create cool graphics for our important events and announcements. It’s hard to measure the results though, since we don’t have access to the Pocket Network account’s metrics (TweetDeck keeps us humble like that).

We also made efforts to boost engagement and attendance in our community calls (mixed results :unamused:) . We suggested topics based on what people were talking about across various Pocket mediums and channels. We intend to start doing weekly quizzes tied to the Community Calls (shoutout PoktAfrica for the inspo) but all dependent on when the calls are uploaded.

Last week, we were granted free reign over the Round Ups section in the forum, allowing us to post our weekly recaps there. Such a honour! Felt like being handed the keys to a brand new mansion
(Ming :palm_up_hand::key: PoktNews)

The month felt quieter than usual, and we sensed some community fatigue. Maybe it’s because of the uncertainty from the Portal Migration and Relay Data, or perhaps everyone is eagerly awaiting deadlines and outcomes (inflation proposal, new gateway etc). It’s also possible that the bear market blues are getting to us all.

We did see an influx of new followers to the Pocket Network & PoktNews accounts, but we can’t take credit for that. It was all thanks to the amazing campaign run by the Pokt Korea crew (seriously still trying to figure out how they did it).

As we head into July, we’ll be doing more of the same and eagerly awaiting the arrival of PNF’s new Head of Marketing to see how they decide to use us. Who knows, they might even show us the door!


Time to reflect on PoktNews’ happenings in July.

This month, we engaged in a learning journey – and not just metaphorically. We actually took a marketing masterclass with Prof. Adz. :woman_teacher::mortar_board:

:face_with_monocle:We spent the month closely observing our new Head of Marketing, brainstorming ways to leverage PoktNews to enhance Pocket’s Brand Strategy as outlined by Adz. A productive call with Adz led to insights on narrative building and methods to reach audiences beyond the existing Pocket community.

Adz suggested that we monitor Twitter accounts, regardless of whether they’re competitors, that are excelling at marketing. We analyzed their successful strategies to see how we could adapt them for Pocket’s social media content. We’ve since shared our observations.

Taking the pulse of the community: The general mood has been somewhat gloomy, with a handful of unhappy community members steering most of the discussions. As several members have pointed out, this negativity might discourage potential newcomers to our community.

Feedback from community members, both OGs and newcomers, indicates that they’d appreciate more updates and clarity on our roadmap to the 5 BHAGS. Highlighting future milestones like the new Gateway, exchange listings, v1, wPokt, etc., not only keeps the web3 ecosystem informed about Pocket’s current endeavors, but also builds anticipation for upcoming developments.

Therefore as we head into August, we plan to incorporate and spotlight these elements more in our future content alongside the usual content PoktNews is known for. With the help of GPokT, we also aim to shine more light on the DevLogs.

That’s us for July! Feel free to throw us flowers or tomatoes in the replies depending on your perception of the quality of our work. :bouquet: or :tomato:?



Excellent work as always guy(s), whoever you may be :eyes:


PoktNews’ End of August report card! :nerd_face:

In August, we shifted gears from observation to action, taking to heart the feedback and the strategic direction outlined by our Head of Marketing, Adz. Our focus veered away from repetitive day-to-day community commentary, which has recently been circling around questions like “wen moon” :smiley: and “why dump” :disappointed:.

Instead, we prioritized content that informs both community members and future community members (they just don’t know it yet) on the exciting upcoming developments. We delved into the effects of ARR; we also took the wPokt demo bridge for a spin :joystick:, showcasing its functionality. Additionally, we explored the exciting multi-Gateway Pocket alongside the usual PoktNews jazz.

Although a bit quieter, we observed community sentiment becoming a bit more positive as we get closer to the wPokt launch. Instead of the usual downtrodden convos over price (inevitable), more discussions now centered around dates and timelines for upcoming notable events.

Growth of the PoktNews account has been hard to determine this month as we’ve noticed wild daily fluctuations in the follower count. Maybe they’re bots, who knows; we’re not well-versed in how these things work :rofl:. The Pocket Network main account has seen increased engagement, thanks to the excellent work of Adz. We had a notable figure in the crypto space retweet one of the tweets, which hasn’t happened in a long while. Pocket getting sexy again perhaps?

Path going forward: ICYMI, there’s a proposal that transitions us from a Socketeer :socks: to a full-fledged DAO Core Contributor, the highest of honors! :face_holding_back_tears: We might f*ck around and get some T-shirts made with “POCKET DAO CORE CONTRIBUTOR” emblazoned on them.

Irrespective of the outcome of this proposal, we still aim to provide as much value to the community as possible and keep doing what we do. The Socket grants have been extremely helpful for us to continue doing this, but ultimately we are just like any other community member and deserve no more or less than what the DAO says.

All in all, another fun month of recaps, commentary, updates, memes and lil bit of trolling! :pinching_hand:

Bring on the month of wPOKT! (hopefully :crossed_fingers:)


Wow, September was electric! :rocket:

From community calls that were nothing short of electrifying to the rename of V1 to Shannon, and not forgetting Adz’s marketing magic, this month was a game-changer for the community.

What’s PoktNews Been Up To? :male_detective:

Besides keeping everyone in the loop with all things Pocket, we’ve launched a new segment called “Pocket Supports.” The goal? Introduce new chains that Pocket whitelists, aiming to educate and retain new community members. Our first two features on Base and Holesky saw our follower count grow by 7 and 10. Not a lot, but we hope to see more growth as the segment expands.

PoktNews takes off their Socks :socks:

ICYMI, we’ve leveled up from being Socketeers to official DAO contributors. To say we’re grateful would be an understatement. This is something we couldn’t have imagined when PoktNews first started. We’re here to stay! Pocket aims to be a long-lasting institution, and we’re fully committed and all in to help make that happen.

To our fellow Socketeers, see you on the other side :wave:


Status of this socket has been set to closed as these contributions are now DAO funded

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