Our mission, defining quality and values


Pocket Network’s mission is to coordinate open access to the world’s public data by empowering anyone to provide unstoppable infrastructure.

Defining Quality

Be Undeniable

If there’s anything that describes us as a project, it’s “Be Undeniable” or in other words, “Be so good they can’t ignore you”. These words reflect the journey of Pocket Network and has resulted in the creation of a protocol that will change web3 infrastructure forever.


Have strong opinions, loosely held

Use first principles thinking. In many cases, we have to make decisions on things that have never been done before. Don’t assume anything. Ask yourself, “What am I absolutely sure of?”, “What has been proven?”

The best idea wins

We must be able to accept ideas from anywhere or anyone, and we must communicate our ideas with details and vigor. You must have credible defenses for you to convince others.

Speak your mind, respectfully

We are passionate about what we believe in, but you never know what the person on the receiving side is going through at that moment. Always communicate with respect to your peers and community members.

Every person matters

We live in a world with more distractions than ever. If someone is taking the time to learn about Pocket Network, that means they are not doing everything else the world has to offer in that moment. This is an incredible compliment. Treat every person who took any time to care about Pocket like they are “La ultima Coca-Cola del desierto”.

Teach and ask questions

“A true 10x employee is not someone who can do 10x the work, but teaches 10 other people everything they know” - Someone on Twitter

The heart of community network effects comes from increasing the capabilities of others. We do so by taking the opportunity to teach others, regardless of knowledge or background.

Remove dependencies for others

We are building a remote, asynchronous world. The work you are doing and the communications you are sending will be digested by others. Pay it forward by minimizing coordination costs.

Follow through, all the way, to the end, period.

If you’ve made a commitment, do not leave loose ends. We pride ourselves in our work and seeing things to their end, regardless of completion ensures everyone knows where they stand.

Build a country and break borders

We are building open, lasting primitives in a new digital world. Previous conceptions about how things work will not always apply. Be collaborative and do not put up walls for others to come in.

Celebrate open source

Open source is hard and gritty. Take a step back every once in awhile and appreciate the process. Everything we build is laid bare, open to criticism. But when it works, it’s truly special.