PNF's Goals & Roadmap

Our vision at PNF is to grow Pocket Network into a hyperstructure. And our role in helping to coordinate us all towards this vision is to serve Pocket Network’s DAO as a credibly neutral entity.

How are we going to get there, you ask? And what should we focus on first? While there are an incredible diversity of goals and priorities to consider, we have worked hard to distil such an array of options into four distinct and immediate goals that we believe will deliver the maximum return for Pocket’s community both over the next 12 months and in the many years ahead:

  1. Establish a legitimate PNF
  2. Nurture the DAO’s independence
  3. Enhance DAO representation
  4. Accelerate POKT’s global adoption

With these goals in mind, we have aligned internally behind the key deliverables that we believe are most vital to satisfying such goals, which we have set out below. You can see which deliverables have been completed already (as of the time of this post) and which deliverables are currently in progress.

Given the need to adapt to our environment and add/remove priorities as necessary, you can track the current status of all of these deliverables by referring to our live public roadmap here. This forum post will not be updated so please refer to the roadmap moving forward.

Goal: Establish a legitimate PNF

This year, we must fortify PNF as an enduring institution to ensure that it will be an effective steward of the ecosystem for years to come.

  • Implement PIP-26 changes
  • Establish operational PNF
  • Connect with builders – open direct lines of communication with every active builder
  • Establish transparency – implement industry-leading transparency standards, procedures, and policies
  • Establish availability - implement a scheduling process for stakeholders seeking an audience with PNF
  • Create a PNF Scorecard – to understand stakeholder sentiment about PNF’s effectiveness in the roles we play and how we can constantly improve
  • Achieve financial sustainability – plan and implement strategies for PNF’s revenue and treasury management
  • Implement director renewal & succession – establish a process for upgrading PNF’s board of directors
  • Ensure scalable stakeholder insights – develop data-driven systems to maintain PNF’s insight into the ecosystem as it scales

Goal: Nurture the DAO’s independence

If Pocket’s DAO is to truly become an unstoppable force by 2024, we must prepare it to be self-sufficient. We must align the DAO’s builders, support the DAO’s builders, attract more builders, minimize the DAO’s coordination costs, and implement dynamic systems that the DAO’s members can maintain.

  • Define Pocket’s DNA – help the DAO to align so that it can self-organize without PNI & PNF
  • Establish socket grants – create low friction grants for contributors who want to quickly plug in to key priority areas (e.g. protocol R&D)
  • Establish public good grants – provide retroactive funding to cover the costs of building and maintaining public goods for the Pocket Network ecosystem based on their impact
  • Establish builder RFP process – enabling anyone to pursue work on areas we have identified as opportunities (e.g. protocol upgrades)
  • Establish contributor workflows – defining methods and practices to support onboarding, accountable delivery and rewards through the DAO
  • Articulate a DAO OS – facilitate effective collaboration between POKT’s builders and our principles for operation
  • Celebrate Pocket’s builders – deliver a more holistic view of our many builders in our marketing
  • Streamline the proposal process – to make the DAO’s decision-making more inclusive and effective
  • Rebrand PNI – eliminate the PNI-centrism implied in its naming
  • Automate the trophy system – to speed up the verification of credentials (more below) and improve time to DAO onboarding
  • Design on-chain governance – design a trustless governance transaction system for v1, to eliminate reliance on PNF as governance transaction submitters

Goal: Enhance DAO representation

To keep Pocket Network on the right path to becoming a Hyperstructure, the DAO must be representative of our stakeholders in proportion to their participation in our ecosystem. We must lower the barriers to participating and calibrate our governance to enable high-fidelity representation.

  • Adopt cred-based governance with Gateway – level up our proof-of-participation governance using Gateway’s verified credentials platform, to enable more dynamic high-fidelity onboarding and representation of our stakeholders
  • Increase DAO transparency – demystify the DAO by maintaining better documentation and integrating governance activities into aggregators like POKTscan and Messari
  • Establish events & rituals – expand and reinforce the calendar of connections between our community members
  • Upgrade the forum – level up the forum to facilitate more efficient and productive discourse
  • Achieve real-time DAO visibility – create unified DAO dashboards so all stakeholders can monitor the DAO’s activities and measure the DAO’s impact

Goal: Accelerate POKT’s global adoption

POKT is the fuel to our ecosystem. Its value, velocity, and reach determine our DAO’s spending power, our ability to compensate contributors, and the global reach of the ecosystem itself. To truly unlock Pocket Network’s global adoption, we must remove any global barriers on POKT itself.

  • Establish community hubs – support localized communities to engage stakeholders on the ground
  • Support community ambassadors – support ambassadors to grow our community’s reach
  • List POKT on a Tier 1 US exchange
  • Integrate with more custodians – integrate POKT with two new Tier 1 digital assets custodians
  • Source more liquidity – build new relationships with all of the leading market makers and DeFi liquidity providers
  • Research decentralized liquidity – support research into decentralized liquid staking tokens for POKT
  • Upgrade economics insights – support the DAO’s economics research efforts and level up our economics analytics and dashboards