PEP-8: pypokt Python Client



For every developer, the fact that a technology is available in their native programming language is a powerful argument in order for them to start using or building on top of it.

Given the fact that python is one of the most widely used programming languages not only for developers but also by many devops and sysadmin, this is why I think this is a very highly useful proposal in terms of growth and usage in the POKT network.


Given the recent growth of POKT nodes and apps integration I think it would be very useful to create a python client library for interacting with POKT network. This will allow any developer, user or node-runner to interact with POKT in a simple way providing a base layer in order for them to build more complex use cases and applications.


This integration could bring the attention and interest of many developers related to POKT because python is one of the most used, popular and easy programming languages.


60,100 POKT One time payment after the work has been delivered.


I’ll be creating a python client library for POKT network that will include all the basics features that already have the POKT CLI and some speciality function for common use cases.

My proposed budget is based on work I’ve seen in the pyserum community and previous freelance work I’ve done with exchanges.

Dissenting Opinions



A repo with the python client (pypokt).


Me. I’m a backend engineer with 5 years of experience working with python.
Some of the work I’ve done:

Integration of FTX exchange with hummingbot for spot and PERP market

Integration of bitblinx exchange with hummingbot for spot market


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

I’ve just realized the ID of this proposal clashes with PEP-5: Allocate POKT from the DAO Treasury to Launch/Support the wPOKT Program.

Since voting hasn’t started on this proposal yet, but has started on PEP-6 Node Pilot - A new node deployment solution, I’m going to bump this proposal up to PEP-8 to minimize overall confusion.

I’m very much in support of clients in additional languages. Python and Go would be my choices for the next to support.

In addition to a Python CLI wrapper, it would be good to show how you could integrate Pocket into a web framework like Django just like you can integrate the current Pocket-JS SDK.

Given the recent rise in OTC price, the ask may seem high, but the author can adjust before voting.

I would like to see the payment and deliverables broken down into a few steps rather than a lump sum since there is no initial work presented.