PEP-50: Continuation of Independent Pocket Network Reddit Marketing


  • Author: @TheDoc
  • Recipient: @TheDoc
  • Category: Allocation of DAO Treasury
  • Asking Amount: $POKT equivalent to $2,350 USD monthly with 3 month time limit (90 days).
    EDIT: On January 30th, 2023, ask increased from initial $2,150 to $2,350. Changes were explained in the post below (link here).

Summary / Abstract

Continuation of Pocket Network content promotion on largest cryptocurrency related subreddits and ensuring highest possible visibility for all the POKT related posts. Subreddits are mostly with 100-500k subscribers.


I will not make this proposal too long here because all crucial information hasn’t changed from what was written in detail in the previous PEP-43 proposal, which was approved less than 3 months ago. Besides initial plans from PEP-43 proposal, in the meantime I’ve got connected with POKT community members thanks to Jinx and his POKT community Discord server. This proposal will continue to ensure that valuable POKT news, Tweet mentions, blog posts and other important content achieve as wide reach as possible in front of thousands of laser-targeted audience.

Samples of Previous Work

I’ve shared samples of previous work in the PEP-43 thread in the main post, 1st monthly report and 2nd monthly report. I would like to emphasize here again that I’m open for all the suggestions, ideas and advices from community how to improve the strategy. My DMs are always open.

Budget and Deliverable(s)

Asking amount: $POKT equivalent to $2,350 USD monthly with 3 month time limit (90 days) again same as the PEP-43. Same as the previous PEP-43, monthly payments are being paid at the beginning of the month. It means that for a 90-day limit proposal like this one payments are being done on a day 1, day 31, and day 61, with reports being posted under this proposal after each month. This proposal guarantees at least 5 Reddit promotions each month and top positions achieved with highest possible visibility for these posts. Also, when 1st position is achieved on a certain subreddit, it often ensures that all subscribers receive a mobile notification about that post. Those of you that are actively using Reddit know very well how it looks like. It’s posted in report with screenshot how it looks like.


I would be the sole contributor. However, as I said earlier, community is aware of the Reddit posts because they are being posted on Jinx’s POKT community discord. I’m actively following all the events around POKT and I act accordingly with the Reddit promotions.

Report of the work would be done on a monthly basis with all the details under this proposal. Each time there is a post being published, link to the post will be posted on POKT community discord so community members can support the post and engage if they want to.

For any other questions, I’m open for discussion here in public or feel free to send me a DM. Thank you!

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Would you also be able to post to the Pocket Network subreddit?

I’d start with changing the description: Pocket Network is decentralized infrastructure for developers to build peer to peer applications.

And maybe just repost the Pokt News and Pokt DAO tweets.

Mr. Dubious has posted as an active mod there recently.

I’d support this proposal and would be in favor of even increasing the ask if you can get the subreddit numbers up from 569.


I agree with this, the Pocket Network redit is desolated, only a few people post/answer stuff in there…


Hello @ethen and @RawthiL ,
I’ll see what we can do, but recently I spoke with Jinx and there were issues as subreddit creator is no longer available to get in touch with. But we might be able to regain access with full moderator rights. I’ll post an update about it asap.


I was dubious at first about bringing on a Reddit focused marketer, but having seen The Doc/Ambassador’s work, I think he’s done a great job and I strongly support this proposal.


As suggested in the comments above, I have accepted and received moderator rights on Pocket Network subreddit. After some thoughts, I’ve decided to incorporate 2 new changes to this proposal on top of the initial one:

  1. Keeping the Pocket Network subreddit up to date by actively sharing major news, news from PoktNews directly and/or other sources.
  2. Starting the engagement-boosting activities such as POKT tips as the rewards for the engagement on social channels, mostly Reddit. I have already suggested internally to get POKT listed on, a chat tipbot which is integrated into Discord so users can send each other POKT easily. Until POKT can be sent this way, I would have to disperse the tips manually. If not through tipbot, hopefully through POKT mobile wallet soon.

With these 2 changes, I have increased an ask to $2,350 USD. First post has been edited to reflect these changes.


@JackALaing can you please put this proposal up to a vote?