Moderation Policy

Due to the sensitivity of Michael’s proposal, and to ensure all stakeholders have equal access to participation, I’ve temporarily relieved all forum mods of their duties to ensure all civil voices are heard.

I am now the sole mod.



There is a fine line between civil and uncivil… so before posting a potentially racy comment, just ask yourself:

" What would the Grand Sultan of PNF do? "

If Yea

Then post.

If Nay

Then take out the 3rd grade name calling and reword.

Telegram Censorship

I’ve heard complaints that folks have been censored in the Den. Some points or topics are being considered “conspiracy theories” and it is leading to warnings and bans.

From the instances I’ve reviewed, I’ve seen times where warning and bans were used in a far more subjective than I would prefer.

To ensure that all aspects of Michael’s proposal can be discussed in real-time, I’ve used my god like powers to create a Discord channel dedicated to the topic of PIP-38. This may also give our Discord peeps a place to join the conversation as well.

Outside of real-time chat, also be sure to make your comments known on forum post itself: PIP-38: Re-electing Michael O'Rourke to the Foundation


Thanks Shane! Finally we have a clear guideline for this tough and controversial situation. It’s a great relief to me.

The Den has had a good enough track record on light moderation over the last three years that despite there being both forum and Discord alternatives, the vast majority of folks choose to spend their time there. I take exception to the idea that bans have been used to censor, when they are clearly traced back to a clear and published set of rules.

Literally one type of warning was over used around one topic, and this has been corrected.

The TG mods take enough abuse, and don’t need the Grand Sultan justifying it. This post needlessly reaches beyond the context of the forum.



The Office Of The Grand Sultan has come to a moderation agreement with The Den.

The Office Of The Grand Sultan will continue moderating the Forum in a temporary complicity and there will be unified approach to working with moderators between Telegram and Discord.

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