[INTRODUCTION] Pocket Network Africa Hub

Hello, community!

Sequel to the announcement of the community Hub Program and the announcement of Hubs to start by May 1st during the Wednesday 27th April 2023 Community call, I present to you the Pocket Network Africa Core team and community.

As a community builder, experience has proven that expanding community growth is done via certain activities and we from Africa have come to provide those activities to add to the growth of Pocket.

These activities include

  1. Translation of materials both developer-related and normal articles translation for local consumption
  2. Onboarding on builders
  3. Onboarding of developers to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Pocket
  4. Onboarding of community members
  5. Brand representation at events, both offline and online
  6. Social media presence growth

Below are some of the benefits Pocket Network can gain from Africa based on the growth of Blockchain in the continent.

  1. Growing blockchain adoption: Africa is experiencing a rapid increase in blockchain adoption, mainly due to the continent’s large unbanked population and the high cost of traditional financial services. This presents an opportunity for Pocket Network to tap into a growing market.

  2. High mobile penetration: Africa has a high mobile penetration rate, with over 80% of the population having access to mobile phones. This presents an opportunity for Pocket Network in offering builders in building mobile-based blockchain services, which can be accessed easily by the population.

  3. Diverse blockchain use cases: Africa has a diverse range of blockchain use cases, such as cross-border payments, remittances, supply chain tracking, and digital identity management. This presents an opportunity for Pocket Network to offer tailored services to meet the specific needs of different African markets.

  4. Regulatory environment: The regulatory environment for blockchain in Africa is still evolving, with some countries adopting a more innovative approach to blockchain regulation. This presents an opportunity for Pocket Network to work with regulators to establish a favourable regulatory environment for blockchain services.

Overall, Africa has a lot to offer to Pocket Network, including a growing market, high mobile penetration, diverse use cases, and a favourable regulatory environment.

The following team members will be helping in building the African Hub.

We are dedicated to making sure Pocket grows wide and makes an impact in Africa

Thanks to @Ming for this great opportunity given to us to build Pocket in Africa.


Thanks for giving us this great intro! I’m extremely excited to have you guys onboard!


You are welcome!

We’re ready to rock! :fire::fire:


We are delighted to see your Hub commencing its operations. :slight_smile:


Awesome :fire:

btw I thought that there would be an ambassador program?

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Yep, there is. We’ve reached out to the initial community members that has been accepted into the program, and now progressing to work on the onboarding.


Oh, I applied, I was hoping I would be picked, but too bad I wasn’t selected

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We’ve decided for this initial phase, we’d like to keep the members small so to be able to test and adjust the program before opening it up for more members. Although not chosen for this initial phase, keep being an active member of our community so that when we open it again, you’ll have a much better chance for consideration.

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Hello great POKT Community!

Wr come with warm greetings as hot as burned $POKT

It was a great start to the African Hub with clearly outlined goals and team members to help us achieve them.

$2000 was released to our official POKT wallet address (7a05195063b4e22cc4a3b488cbb6244707c97b40) to carry out all Hub’s activities. Though a slow start, we were able to open the following Social media handles with the engagements so far. To also avoid losing community funds due to the volatile market, the Hub swaps $POKT often to store in USDT using this address (TErH3xqVayDtG2FVS3TuyvhzkeP8u8pKbJ)

Twitter 0 to 39 followers

Telegram 0 to 166 members

YouTube. 0 to 18 subscribers

Medium. 0 to 8 followers

All numbers here are as to the time of writing this report.

For the coming month, we look to increasing community members by 50% for faster growth.

Given the uniqueness of POKT, our Hub will like to give so much time to in person events so as to get the best audience for our community.


Given that we did not start operations early with social media handle delays, we were able to achive but these few activities.

1 external AMA

3 YouTube Videos

1 Twitter quiz

1 BuidL contest (as announced)

3 medium articles


  1. $300 for external AMA ($200 admin fee and $100 for community rewards)
  2. $200 to Graphic designer and video maker
  3. $200 to our Developer
  4. $100 to Two Mods
  5. $100 to Head of business development.
  6. $200 for BuidL contest (set aside for this purpose)
  7. $200 to content creator (articles)
  8. $20 for Monday Twitter quiz.
  9. $200 for an AMA (yet to be held, also we are working on initiating a refund from the team)

This leaves us with $480 unused community funds for the month of MAY. However, we shall carry over due to some daily activities.

Most Hub core members were compensated because of the work already done. Our Team Trello board is here for verification (Trello ) Still under development.


  1. As mentioned above, we will give quality time to offline events to onboard builders to our community.
  2. Engage in more social media activities that will bring about education, and progress with our community.
  3. Begin a blockchain academy that focuses on training builders and normal blockchain enthusiasts . This will lead to us having interns within the community. We want to build an all round community of POKT believers.
  4. Begin a series of contents that focuses on how POKT adds value to every of its partner projects.
  5. Increase community size by 50%
  6. Share ecosystem news with our community members.

Special thanks to all our team members and @Ming for the great support we have received so far.

Great start guys and good to see such transparency with the funds! A really good example of how community engagement can work and help build the Pocket brand. :clap: :clap:


Thanks for complement. We believe in tranparency, and growth. We hope to do much more.


This post has been moved to the Hub launching thread to keep things together.