Competencies and How We Develop Them

We are pulling from the Gitlab handbook on this one, where they define competencies as

“A set of skills, knowledge, and behaviors that allow an individual to effectively and efficiently carry out their role.”

We use competencies as a framework to better support and observe how an individual progresses within the organization.

Competencies fall under 4 Major Categories.

  1. Values - How you demonstrate the organization’s values.

  2. Functional - How you improve in your capacity as a contributor to your team.

  3. Remote - How you operate in a remote-first work environment

  4. Community & Leadership - How you demonstrate leadership in an open-source community.

Where we use competencies:

  • Onboarding

  • Learning & Development

  • Review Cycles


Values Competencies

Remote Competencies

Community Leadership Competencies

Functional Competencies

To keep things light, we started by using compentencies in this Peer Review system.