Cannot access wallet and need help

I bought a some pokt last April and didn’t set up the wallet correctly. I don’t know what happened that caused me to be so careless, but here is my situation:

  1. All I have is the saved keyfile from the initial creation of the wallet.
  2. I didn’t write down my password for some reason (or lost it - not sure which)
  3. When I set up the wallet, I didn’t download the private key or wallet address (again, had no idea what I was doing)
  4. I think I can get the address either through look at transactions on pokt scan if I can figure out the approximate block based on the date I was sent the pokt tokens from the OTC escrow.

Is there a way to recover my pokt?

I’m in a similar boat… I bought POKT today OTC and I can’t access my wallet.
I have my address and public key but on the wallet site and need private key … I only have a public key… the TX hash of the purchase is C40050E8A36B2908E90A3E36C85B85A25B647FB886089DF820E212B61B3614AF

I’m new to this network so hoping I’m just making a mistake.


Sorry to hear this .
Although I’m new to this forum, but I have three years blockchain experience.
In this web->, you can import a pocket account by two ways:
1.Access using a Key File
2.Access using a Private Key.

As you mentioned ,you have saved keyfile, so you can import your pocket.
Maybe you can try again.
Wish your feedback.

Sorry bro, I try it again, first I upload my keyfile, and then I should enter my password :sweat_smile:.
It means need password after all.
Maybe the administrator can help you.

Hey all,

Sorry for the stress here.

As @franklee said, there are two ways to import your account to the wallet.

  1. Use the private key, which you can export from the wallet once your account is imported.
  2. Use the key file plus the passphrase/password that you specified when creating the account.

If you don’t have the private key, it means you didn’t export the private key the first time you created the account. Not to worry though, if you saved the passphrase that you submitted when creating the account, you should be able to import by uploading the key file and submitting the passphrase that you originally created.

So your steps will be:

  1. upload your file,
  2. click import account at the bottom,
  3. submit the passphrase that you specified when you originally created the account

I was careless when I created the wallet - completely rushed into it and didn’t follow my normal process. I cannot find nor remember the password. All I have is the keyfile. I will give 3000 pokt to anyone that can help me access my wallet. I don’t expect that it’s possible, but I have to try.

Small chance, but if you used Chrome/Brave with a logged in Google account, maybe you saved the password into Google password manager.
In this case you might find your password in

I don’t use either browser…I was in a rush, so whatever password I made up would have been something I familiar I thought I could remember…it’s going to turn into a situation like that guy in the UK who wants to search through a landfill for his old laptop with BTC in it, isn’t it? lol

The password had pretty specific requirements. 15+ characters long with at least 1 capital letter, 1 number, 1 special character. Maybe going through the process of making a new address might make you remember something. Maybe you still do have the password saved somewhere on your PC or some password manager.
Otherwise I don’t think your password is recoverable by the devs. Security and cryptography likely set up in a way that the team also doesn’t have access to your private key or password.

That makes sense - I guess all I can do is try combinations of things familiar as I said and hope I get lucky

I know how you feeel.

Just calm down and keep your inner peace.
Try all the possible password you can remember.
Maybe some day you can get the right one.

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I’ve pretty much accepted that I’m royally screwed - I’m going to buy otc again and not mess it up this time…not much else to do but carry on. I’m truly okay, so don’t worry. Thanks, Frank


The wallet can only remember the login password. There is no download file for the registered wallet. The wallet was closed. Can I still log in to this wallet

When you create the wallet you are prompted to download the keyfile. If you no longer have the keyfile (or password used to decrypt it), and you didn’t export the private key, you have lost access.


La plataforma no me permite la creación de la billetera, no me deja pasar el programa al poner la contraseña incial, anterior a esta captura de pantalla, no se que es lo que sucede, pongo los paramétros que indica, pero no es posible crearla.

Hi Jack,
Kinda similar situation, there were 2 things visible when I created my account, address and public key… I never even saw anything for private key. Is it possible to recover an account with this information?

Hello Jack,
I also have a similar problem. With the private key or keyfile, I can’t even connect to my wallet because the password is required. This is different from what I know about blockchain.

If holding the keyfile or private key cannot reset the password, I think there needs to be more prominent warnings and prompts displayed on the registration page.

I think the password is at least resettable, because I noticed that when registering the wallet, the logic of the password has been changed and no longer requires "minimum 15 alphanumeric symbols, one capital letter, one lowercase, one special characters and one number. "I just used 8 letters to complete the account registration.

When you created your account, you specified a passphrase and downloaded a keyfile. If you upload this keyfile and enter the passphrase when prompted to do so, this should open your account.

You don’t need the passphrase to use the private key. When you choose the private key method of importing your account it just asks you for a temporary passphrase to secure that session, e.g. so that no one can steal your funds if you leave your computer unattended.

You do need the passphrase to unlock the keyfile if you choose the keyfile method of importing your account. The passphrase cannot be reset.