UPDATE: 23rd October

During the SEO audit Raid Guild discovered that the current site has 392 broken backlinks.

For example:
find “Pocket” and when you click the link it goes to a 404 page.

They offered to repair the top 100 and point all others to the homepage.

This should have a positive impact on discoverability. A lot of work would have gone into getting these links so we believe that it’s worth the effort to make sure the most important ones are working.

Raid Guild offered to add this work to their scope for $3,300 (a 40% reduction on the normal hourly rate). We’re therefore adding it to scope.

POP Objective

To achieve our North Star metric of protocol revenue, we need to attract more developers to our project and convert them into active users, through our website.

We know that the website and user experience is key and we need to improve.

Our current site can be found here.

This POP invites website design & development professionals or agencies to submit a proposal for the work.

POP Specifications:

We expect proposals to include website design, website build, as well as an option for hosting / maintenance.

We have put together context on the project and our target audiences that you may find useful, as well as mapping out the required user journeys, functionality, and pages here.

The current brand guidelines are set out here.

Additional requirements:

  • Content Management System: ability to update content easily on an ongoing basis
  • Responsive design: 64% of current site visitors accessed via desktop and 35% via mobile
  • SEO optimisation: we value proactive suggestions in addition to the basic SEO elements
  • Agility: potential phased release so we can reflect improvements in the site as soon as possible

We would also be very keen to hear if and how you could support us in setting the website up for click rate optimisation via analytics and experimentation.

If you believe there is anything additional that you could bring to this project, we would be delighted to hear about it.

Please indicate if you are willing to be paid in POKT.

Submission Period

Open: Now

Price: TBC - based on submissions.

Funding: This submission will be funded from the Era Allocation as outlined in PEP-60 ERA Budget.

Submission Deadline: close of day 11th September

Decision Provided: close of day 13th September

Submission details requested:

  • Full scope of work, including technical specification
  • Estimated timeline
  • Breakdown of expected fees and payments
  • Team working on it

Key factors being considered in choice of winning bid:

  • Estimated timeline
  • Capabilities and track record
  • Price

Submissions should be posted as replies to this thread with Submission in the first line. Submissions can be edited at any point up until the deadline.


Sharing here in case it’s helpful…

Some websites we like:

Some websites of other RPC providers:



As someone who previously transitioned other tech stacks over to a CMS for both and, I have deep experience both in the specific content requirements of these platforms, and working with the teams in order to meet requirements.


The framework I built when converting to a CMS can be modified easily to account for any required stylistic changes, and the solution I provided already includes hosting and host support. Additionally, it is already responsively built, using Bootstrap as the foundation.

As someone who served as CTO to a digital marketing agency for 10 years, I am deeply familiar with SEO and CRO techniques, and have consulted with both PNI and PNF on this previously. I can setup user behavior measurement for CRO and polyvariate testing, and work with the Foundation to establish test parameters and goals for experimentation.

I am willing to be paid in POKT.

Deliverables and Timeline

I currently have both a dev and prod build for the existing website, which means I’m already prepped for an agile development life cycle that can be iterative, with ongoing deliverables rolled out over the timeline. My recommendation is to have a three month timeline with the first month focused on look and feel and additional core content, the second month focused on enhanced capabilities, and the third month setting up and focusing on CRO. This can be compressed if deeply needed, but given the previous rushes to get something setup, I very much recommend a more measured approach so that we effectively build for the future.

The technical spec would remain the same: a highly optimized and secured WordPress build running on a DigitalOcean VPS, built in PHP and JavaScript, and utilizing the Bootstrap framework for responsive design. I would work with the PNF team to determine which deliverables make the most sense within each phase of the build, and deliver accordingly. The foundation for a number of these requirements has already been built into the existing framework.

Team and Capabilities

I am the sole developer, but am happy to work with a designer of PNF’s choosing, or to handle the design myself. I have a third party support team at the MSP I use for the DigitalOcean hosting, but their costs are inclusive in this proposal.

I have built hundreds of websites over the course of my career, from small business brochure sites to enterprise class web apps integrating third party APIs and platforms, and have a number of ideas on how the utility and usability of this site can be enhanced for our core buyer personas. I built some of the very first sites for Pocket back in 2018, so have a long and established track record working with these teams.

I am strongly opinionated on usability, but quite used to having a client or lead who is the final call. Given that, I would also work to make the new site WCAG AA level of accessible, a factor which has become increasingly important to allow the site resources to be used by everyone.


Barring any changes of scope along the way, I estimate the budget for this build at $10,000. The fee schedule would be 40% at the beginning of the project, and an additional 30% each 30 days afterwards until 100% has been reached, calculated in POKT to USD on the date of payment. This budget would also include hosting for 12 months.

Ongoing enhancements and support would need to be negotiated by the Foundation at the end of this project. Upon acceptance of this proposal, I would also waive outstanding fees due for the rush work in setting up the current site during the transition of these properties to the foundation.

The vast majority of my work for Pocket over the last five years has been behind the scenes, so happy to come out and work in public in service of the DAO and Foundation.



Pocket Foundation Design Refresh Proposal

Scope of Work

I got to learn about this need through a post made by Ben. Having taken my time to study the different touch points of the user experience of the Foundation, As a designer, I would like to point out that this need wouldn’t be met by only designing and building a “new website”. I propose a new creative direction for the network, starting from refreshing the brand guideline, setting up design patterns that will ensure consistency across all touchpoints of the ecosystem and then going ahead to build the new website redesign and other assets on this foundation.

After discussing this with Ben, he admitted this is a good point and can possibly be approved, thus my decision to give this a shot. In the next lines, I would be pointing out the initial deliverables I would be looking at delivering.

Over the period of executing this project, I would be working with a world class engineer, I work as the lead designer and orchestrator in delivering:

  1. A brand refresh (not a redesign).
  2. Working on a refreshed design guideline for the foundation – this would cover both UI/UX research & design guidelines.
  3. A well documented design/development hand-off.
  4. A New website design – ensuring consistency across all the web touchpoints (social media, website, developer documentation, marketing design).
  5. Deck Templates, Partnership Designs and Social Proof banners.


I would be working on delivering this in 2 months (which includes collaboration time with a developer), with full hand-off. In the case of any scope creep/reduction, I can always flexibly adjust to suit all stakeholders.

Budget Breakdown

I estimate the execution budget for this project for 2 months (which includes collaboration with a developer) is:

  • Research, Planning & Full time design, documentation, work delivery/developer hand-off: $5,000

P.S: I am willing to be paid in $POKT.


I will be leading and designing the website, brand refresh and illustration elements of the project project. Leaning on my experience and a background as a product design lead and co-founder of previous startup Stanrute Technologies, FastHousing, working with companies is web2(Turing, Repute, Moniways) & web3 (Sonr, Mara and RnDAO) and also with experience leading Project Unit in a DAO (RnDAO).

For my previous accomplishments:

Over the past 5+ years I have worked with product teams across Nigeria, United States and Kenya to deliver products in the Software, Fintech, Real estate, Blockchain and Supply chain management industries.

  1. I worked with Sonr Inc in the United States as a Product and Design Lead in their Sonr Learn product to discover, plan, design and design their blockchain network educational arm and ecosystem product idea factory which led to the preaching of the Sonr gospel within the African ecosystem and the online community reaching about 1,500 members within the community in my time of staying there.
  2. I worked with Turing as a contract Visual Designer to work on marketing assets designs for a community of developers of about 2 million developers registered with Turing.
  3. I co-founded and worked with Stanrute Technologies, a blockchain fintech startup in Nigeria to design and manage the building of a crypto trading OTC system that serves local and global traders leading to growth in MRR of $12,000 and delivered a crypto exchange product MVP that is in beta testing phase right now.
    My personal profile and portfolio can be found here and here.

I’ll love to focus on handling the full design side of this POP.


Given Jinx’s deep knowledge of Pocket, and extensive experience in design and digital marketing, I fully support this proposal which seems to have a reasonable reimbursement request.


Random pop in here.

This is right up Jinx’s ally.

Assuming that he has the bandwidth (which he probably does if he submitted).

Side Note
The messaging side of CRO/SEO can get opinionated. Would opt to have the tests in place from the jump. Especially if the community is expected/expecting to give feedback.


@Jinx actually mentioned the need for a designer and I’m having a second thought of collaborating with him in this process as he’s sorely an engineer – he can build while I design and still go ahead with the rest of the design refresh.

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Submission: Proposal for Website Design, Development, and Optimization


We are the team behind, a well connected group of talent with a broad experience across the web3 ecosystem. Our team has contributed to many successful projects including:

  • ZeroDev -
  • Pear Garden -
  • Reimagined ReFi -

Understanding of the Objective:

The core of is built with an underlying CMS and we have a proven system to provide a way to manage content. We’d love to integrate this solution for Pocket Network as well.

Our technology stack makes it super easy to integrate SEO using Next.js and mobile responsive designs with Tailwind. We use these tools because they’re loved and battle tested by our top-talent frontend engineers, and they allow us to prototype super fast.

Many of our clients have had success with out integrations of PostHog to serve them analytics and session replays to show your team exactly how users are navigating your site.

Proposal Overview:

  1. Website Design & Build: Leveraging our expertise, we will redesign and develop a site that resonates with your target audience, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  2. Hosting & Maintenance: We want to offer a free year of hosting on where deployments are really just one click. Vercel also has first class Next.js integrations which will speed up your app load time tremendously, served over a global CDN.
  3. Content Management System (CMS): Our proposed CMS will empower you to update content effortlessly, ensuring your site remains fresh and relevant. We will host your data on Vercel Blobs and provide an interface to create, read, update, and delete content at your will. You can view a preview of our Notion-style editor (
  4. Responsive Design: We will ensure every page is navigable for desktop and mobile users.
  5. SEO Optimization: Along with Next.js first class SEO, we can provide beautiful social sharing images through the use of OG tags, so your links will stand out on all social platforms as well.
  6. Agility: We chose our stack because it’s the most popular and flexible among modern developers and is backed by Vercel who constantly maintains and improves our toolkit.
  7. Analytics & Experimentation: Our team will integrate advanced analytics tools and set up the site for click rate optimization, providing insights to further refine the user experience.

Payment in POKT:
We prefer receiving Stables (USDC, DAI, USDT, sUSD) for services or fiat

Project Details:

  • Full Scope of Work:
  • Estimated Timeline:
    • One week of initial design and illustration
    • One week of landing page and static content development
    • Two weeks of integrations CMS
    • One week of additional features like Analytics integrations, SEO optimization
  • Budget Breakdown: Our initial proposal will include the previously mentioned timeline and scope. We estimate a $15k budget with $5K already paid for other services- so $10K net. Any additional work will be billed hourly at a flat fee of $100/hour. We will provide all hosting for the first year and transfer billing to Pocket Network afterward.
  • Team: We will dedicate one engineer manager and one frontend developer from our team to focus solely on this project.

We are eager to embark on this journey with you and are available for any further discussions or clarifications. Thank you for considering our proposal.

Warm regards,

Interested.Fyi & Peeple.Work


I think we should bring in Alec. Some new blood into the Pokt mix.


We’ve been approached by a design agency, who came highly recommended.

We’ve seen their portfolio and are extremely excited by the calibre of work.

If we get the opportunity to work with them, they could design a truly Tier 1 website. We would then only need development work (rather then development and design). We’re exploring it and will not know until tomorrow whether this is something we could move forward with.

In the interests of ensuring we get the best website we possibly can, we need another 24 hours.


Thank you to everyone who engaged with this POP to date.

Unfortunately, with only one submission that addresses the full scope, one that addresses the build element, and one that addresses design, we’re not in a place to allocate it with confidence.

Therefore we’re reopening it for 7 day from today to see if we can source other complete / complimentary proposals. That means that we’re also explicitly clarifying that submissions can be for the full scope or for either the design or the build, with a view to potentially combining submissions.

We hope the existing submissions stand, and really appreciate your patience.

Sincere apologies to anyone who is frustrated by the process on this one.

This is my first POP, it’s a material piece of spend, and it’s an important chance to help POKT Network look at feel like the tier 1 project that it is to our external audiences.


this guy is legit:


He certainly looks it.

Do you know him? Could you make an intro?

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sure. will dm you on telegram

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Hello POKT people! Long time fan, first time poster!
Couple of clarifying questions on the POP to help make the most accurate proposal.

  • What is intended for the two missing pages from the wireframes (i.e. Blog and Presskit). I see the notes, but I’m assuming there would be a wireframing session with the POKT team?
  • For the ‘Visual’ sections in the wireframes, do you have assets in-house? Or are creation of the visuals in scope?



The Pocket Network’s current website serves its purpose but doesn’t fully encapsulate the innovative spirit and capabilities of the network. This proposal aims to redesign the website, ensuring it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, user-friendly, and aligned with the network’s ethos and objectives. The goal is to bridge the gap between the network’s potential and its digital representation, offering a design that resonates with its target audience while enhancing usability.


The digital landscape is evolving rapidly. A website, as the digital face of an organization, needs to reflect its core values, mission, and capabilities. The existing website, though functional, lacks certain modern elements that could potentially deter developers and partners. A revamped, responsive, and user-centric website will not only attract but also retain and engage users, reinforcing the network’s credibility and vision.


  • Website Overall Design: A modern, user-centric design that resonates with the network’s ethos.
  • Webflow Site Live-Ready: The website will be developed on the Webflow CMS platform, ensuring flexibility and ease of content management.
  • Lightweight Brand Style Guide: This will serve the immediate redesign needs and is crafted to be adaptable for future branding endeavors. This includes Typography, Color Palette, Brand Guidelines Mission Statement, Imagery, and Iconography.
  • Hosting: Hosting will be handled by PNF.

Expertise & Credibility

Proposal Lead & WebDesign — Zayne Matthysen
With over 6 years in the web3 space, I’ve spearheaded product management and creative direction for renowned companies like Aeternity, Tatum, Kontakt, and Grove, to name a few. My deep-rooted experience ensures that I’m adeptly positioned to deliver on this proposal, blending aesthetics with functionality, all while staying attuned to the latest industry trends.

Creative Director & Brand Style Guide — Vasco Vicente
His works have been seen across international press and publishings that include Shots Magazine, Creative review, It’s Nice that, Mashable, Discovery Channel, Vice, Idn, Computer Arts, etc Vasco focuses on the potential of language as a visual medium, pushing design and clear visual communication to its limits so that seeing and reading become the same action and text and image become one unified expression. Mixing styles and genres from an illustration from pop culture to music to typography, video games, and street culture. V.V crosses different disciplines such Typography, Branding, Strategy, Animation, illustration & Film & Art Direction.

Cost & Delivery

The entire project will be executed for a payment in POKT, valued at 16,000 USD. The delivery timeline for the complete project is set at 30 days from the date of approval, ensuring a swift transition to the new design.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Great questions @sasquatchtru !

The intention with the blog and the presskit is to either bring in or recreate the current assets that can be found here or here and here.

We could certainly have a wireframing session - it’s important to make sure they’re right.

The creation of the visuals is definitely in scope.

We have some assets that we can draw on (as you’ll see in the brand guidelines) but they are relatively limited, we are not wedded to them, and I see this as a great opportunity to bring fresh eyes and thinking to our visual language and style.

Thank you!

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Hi team,
Apologies for poor formatting, first time using this submission system… hopefully it formats well.

My name is Gosha, Founder & Creative Director over at The/Thirty7. We have previously worked with companies such as Google, TikTok creative lab, Sherwin-Williams, KFC and many more… within web3 we have worked with companies such as Ankr, Polkadex, Premia Finance, VALK, Creatorverse, Liquality, Tagion and more. Just recently we re-launched the design of web and brand for Tagion — who took inspiration from the websites of Cosmos & Polkadot (we have deep competitor analysis on both as a result).

The/Thirty7 specializes on all around strategic marketing and brand vision — which means we can deliver strategic analysis behind our brand design recommendations and final designs.

Track record
A few of our open case studies can be found via our website, embedded here.
A recent web3 client who came to us with a similar request who ended up getting a refreshed branding and a new website design — Tagion. The website is in pre-launch as their team is finishing implementations, designs from our end are final. Pre-final website here. Final brand guidelines here.

Awards won in the last 6 months for web design and content:

  1. Behance UI feature gallery
  2. Behance XD feature gallery
  3. Awwwards 1x winner
  4. Awwwards honorable mention
  5. CSS Design 3x winner
  6. CSS Winner 3x mentions

A few reviews from our clients —

  1. “After a few years of working with T/T7, you realize they can help you find a solution for anything. My go-to partners for content campaigns.” Kseniia Baziian / Premia Finance CMO
  2. “T/T7 has truly captured the essence of our brand. I am confident that The Thirty7’s creative touch has made a lasting impact on our business.” Steffen Nyholt Petersen / Decard & Tagion CMO

The recommended team for this project would consist of the following team: creative director, UX strategist (to review final wireframes and structure), UI designer, 2D/3D designer for additional visual elements.


  1. Set up of comms channels via Slack or Discord & Notion interactive project dashboard.
  2. Discovery sessions, UX wireframe review and analysis.
  3. UX wireframe recommendation presentation.
  4. UX wireframe final designs and UI prototypes.
  5. Review & Approval.
  6. UI Design variations.
  7. Review & Approval.

Again, this is a very high-level and zoomed out process timeline.


  1. Full static design for 7 website pages as projected via wireframe Miro document.
  2. Design of 5 animated visuals for any 5 blocks. (reference could be animated blocks as seen here)
  3. Design of 5 3D elements
  4. Review, analyze, and finalize the UX/UI wireframe, as the current one is not ready for the final design.

optional: refresh and revamp brand guidelines to include updated color patterns, 3D elements, brand-in-use, and animations options (+$5,000)

The estimated budget without the optional brand refresh/revamp is $13,500. Prepayment is 50% of the total budget and we can take payment in USDC or FIAT.

*Final outcome
The final outcome will be a finalized UX/UI wireframe, design prototype and then final design of all website pages as projected now. Additionally, 5 tier 1 - 3D elements, and 5 animated visuals/GIFs for hero sections on the website. Our reference points in terms of design capability will be along the lines of your reference cases above.

If all goes to plan the collaboration and final submission of all work should take around 2 months at most.

Additional notes
Our team is highly specialized in video production. If in the future that will be necessary for the project, we are willing to package that together with website work.


Proposal for website design and development by Studio Huit


To achieve the Pocket’s North Star metric, we need to attract more developers to the project and convert them into active users through our website.

Submitted by:

Lea Filipo and Elioks Makman ✦ Studio Huit


  • Our team, consisting of Lea, a brand and product designer with 5 years of experience leading design teams in web 3 (at Gnosis and Glassnode), and Elios, a product designer with 5 years of experience (formerly at Mozilla Foundation), propose to collaborate on this project. We bring extensive experience and expertise in web design and development to enhance your project’s website.

Scope of work - Website

Starting Price: $12,780
Min ETA: 3 weeks

Week 1 Tuesday

Definition workshop and moodboards
A 90-minute workshop to define core principles, project positioning, and create a moodboard.

Week 1 Thursday

UX Wireframes
Review three wireframe options for the website design in a 1-hour meeting.

Week2 Tuesday

UI High-Fidelity Concepts
Review three high-fidelity UI concepts options in a 1-hour meeting. (3 static illustrations and/or graphs included)

Week 2 Thursday

UI Prototypes
Review three high-fidelity UI prototypes iterations in a 1-hour meeting.

[Optional] +3 days
UI - optional Iteration I
Review three high-fidelity UI prototypes iterations in a 1-hour meeting.

[Optional] +3 days

###UI - optional Iteration II
Review three high-fidelity UI prototypes iterations in a 1-hour meeting.

Week 3 Tuesday

Build Webflow website
Develop and host a live CMS website on Webflow for easy content updates and maintenance.

[Optional] Scope of Work Brand Update

Starting Price: $9,140
Bundle website package -20%: $7,312
Min ETA: 3 weeks

Week 1 Tuesday

Definition workshop
A 90-minute workshop to define core principles and project positioning.

Week 1 Thursday

Review three visual concepts in the form of a moodboard in a 1-hour meeting.

Week 2 Tuesday

Brand system visual first version
Review 3 initial proposals in a 1-hour meeting: logo, font, colors, typography, and iconography + application on touchpoints.

Week 2 Thursday

Brand system visual proposal
Review 3 iterations in a 1-hour meeting: logo, font, colors, typography, and iconography + application on touchpoints.

[optional] +3 days

Brand system visual optional iteration I
Review three high-fidelity UI design iterations in a 1-hour meeting.

[optional] +3 days

Brand system visual optional iteration II
Review three high-fidelity UI design iterations in a 1-hour meeting.

Week 3 Tuesday

Final Delivery
Review final deliveryBrand guide logo files and social media banner.

Website brand update
Color, font, and visuals update. (3 static illustrations and/or graphs)
included in package

Optional Additions:

Extra visuals can be added for $120/hour. We can provide static or animated 2D and 3D illustrations and graphs.

Technical specifications:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
    We will ensure the website has a user-friendly CMS for easy content updates.
  • Responsive Design:
    The website will be responsive, catering to both desktop (64% of current visitors) and mobile (35% of current visitors) users.
  • SEO Optimization:
    We will implement basic SEO elements and provide proactive suggestions for improved SEO.

Payment details:

We propose a starting budget of $12,780 for a 2-week period. Payment will be structured as follows:

  • Week 1: $6,390 (50%)
  • Week 3: $6,390 (50%)

Payment options:

  • POKT:
    We are willing to be paid in POKT, but we need to mention that we will need to sell parts of the token immediately to secure our tax obligations.
  • Stables:
    We accept token payments in USDC and DAI.
  • Wire transfers:
    We accept wire transfers in both USD and EUR. Please let us know your preferred payment method, and we can provide you with the necessary details for processing payments.

Our advantages:

  • Web3 experience:
    We have a strong track record in web design and development within the web 3 space. Our team members have collectively spent a decade working in brand and product design in various cross-functional team organizations.
  • Collaborative process
    We propose a collaborative and iterative approach, allowing your team to actively participate in the design process synchronously and asynchronously.

We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate on this project. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out!


POKT Proposal 25-09-2023

Hello team POKT! I am Beau, the founder of Slance. We are a web3 design studio with a solid track record (see details below) with clients ranging from startups to established brands in the crypto/defi/blockchain space – and we are very much looking forward working together!

Submission and requirements summary:

  • Budget: Accepted. We can most certainly work within the budget requirements
  • Timeline: Accepted. Delivery can be made within two weeks after the discovery/kick-off call.
  • Requirements/deliverables: Accepted. We see no constraints or issues.


  • Brand book (brand refinements) Estimate delivery: in the week of 25th september
  • Website refinement. Estimate delivery: in the week of 2 october.

Brand book
As per POKT’s wish, explore brand visual style refinements based on the current brand kit, but update it towards a more fresh/tech-y/modern/bright overall look and feel and encapsulate this in a brand book.

The brand book includes typography, colors, guidelines, logo placement and can be used for any future design / branding reference.

Website refinements
Refine the website based on the existing wireframes in combination with the refined branding guidelines.

The goal is to improve user experiences by offering a seamless website experience that mainly attracts developers, node runners and contributors.

Website design will be made in Figma according to requirements.

We can work within the proposed budget.

All deliverables are time tracked and charged at our regular agency rate of $95/hour.

Brand book estimate: 16 hours → $1.520
Website redesign estimate: 40 hours → $3800
Feedback/Revisions/refinements/additional requests: charged at $47.5 / 30 minutes
Total estimate for both deliverables: $5320

We offer unlimited revisions and future updates. All revisions are time tracked and added to the total price once the project is near completion.

Payment is accepted in erc20/polygon in any stablecoin. We also work with a 50% upfront payment, followed by a closing invoice for the total amount spent based on time tracked hours.


  • Week of 25th september: brand guidelines refinement (exploration call + proposition + creation of brand book)
  • Week of 2nd october: start webdesign homepage, followed by additional pages.
  • Estimate delivery website design: around friday 6th october

Final delivery dates may vary, based on the amount of feedback we’ll receive. Either way, we will dedicate our in-house UX designer to the POKT project for quick delivery.

A requirement from our side is to have availability on the POKT team for quick back-and-forth chats/calls so we can keep the deliverable workflow going smoothly and in a timely manner.

Any deliverable that is created has to be approved by POKT at every stage of the production process. Meaning the brand book will be accepted first before we move onto the next deliverable, etc.

This ensures expectations are always met and results in a final deliverable that POKT is satisfied with, according to requirements.

About us
Slance is a web3 design & video studio, active since 2020, specifically focused on the web3 space (defi, crypto, blockchain).

We have a 6-person in-house team consisting of designer, UI designer, illustrator, animator and writer.

For this project, Antonell will be the dedicated UX/UI designer. She has years of experience in both this space as UI design. She also teaches UI design at university.

Track record
We work together with both startups in the web3 space as well as established brands such as Decrypt, Polymath, IAMX, Protocol Labs, Premia Finance and Vertex.

We have over 50+ glowing reviews from satisfied clients: (Testimonials - Slance)

Since 2020, we have worked with over 100 Web3 clients and we can proudly call ourselves one of the premier design & video agencies in the web3 space.

Recent website designs portfolio: Websites - UI - Google Drive

Our website:

Final notes
We are very much looking forward to working together and appreciate being considered for this project.