ALLOCATED PRIORITY: Pocket Network ecosystem metrics dashboard

Update on 14 July 2023

  • Added necessary data sources and example metrics plus relevant data sources for future consideration

  • Submission deadline extended by four days to Friday 28 July following community feedback about summer distractions!

Priority Outline

This Pocket Open Priority (POP) is calling for a team or individual to take on the creation and maintenance of a dashboard of metrics, including certain composite metrics that harness relevant off-chain and on-chain data relating to:

  • the key dimensions of our ecosystem strategy towards becoming a sovereign cryptonetwork: supply, demand, governance, and capital markets,
  • Our DNA values of adaptability, collaboration, inclusivity and transparency, and
  • The performance of the Pocket’s core service of providing unstoppable data, ie reliability (uptime, accuracy / data integrity, redundancy), performance (latency, throughput), and cost

This is a truly open priority, so submissions should specify the price in POKT for which the service will be provided.

Submissions should express their relevance to the Priority details and competency profile below:

Priority Details


We want to empower the entire community with an easy-to-use and engaging dashboard that details the metrics for the BHAGs/ambitions set out in our thesis, as everything we do as a community for the foreseeable future should focus on work that improves these metrics and drives towards achieving our mission of empowering developers with the most reliable, performant and cost-effective access to open data.


  • Establish reliable and easy-to-maintain data pipelines for all chosen metrics (PNF will provide these metrics) and connect these to an analytical database
  • Create an easy-to-use and beautiful dashboard - ideally, a sub-domain of - showcasing all of the relevant metrics
  • Establish all relevant alerts, tests and logs so we know what happens and when if any data pipeline breaks or the metrics appear to be wrong
  • Be available to update any metrics from time to time in line with community feedback and under PNF’s instruction
  • Be available to fix any bugs or issues with the dashboard and the related data pipelines

Necessary Data Sources and example metrics

  • Snapshot API (Voter Participation Ratio, Voting Power Concentration Index, proposals community / proposals PNI/PNF, etc)

  • POKTscan API (Supply side revenue / Nodes, Nakomoto coefficient: number of validators to reach 66% voting power, Token burn / token issuance, token burn / circulating supply, DAO treasury, Gateway performance data (in the future), etc)

  • CoinGecko API (liquidity: 2% depth, Validator security budget: total POKT staked by validators * price of POKT)

  • Spreadsheet to pull data from sources manually updated by PNF, eg the number of external contributors, certain key timelines relevant to the community, details of new Sockets/POPs awarded/completed, NPS scores etc

Relevant data sources for future consideration

  • Discord

  • Discourse, ie the tech behind this forum

  • Twitter

Competencies requested:

  • Skills: Data analysis, Data engineering, Data modelling, Critical thinking

  • Knowledge: Comfortable with using both on-chain and off-chain data, Orchestration and scheduling for batch updating (eg Airflow, Prefect, etc), Streaming (eg, Kafka), Dashboard tooling (eg, Apache Superset, Streamlit, etc), ecosystem metrics, Pocket Network

  • Attitude: Attention to detail, First principles thinker, Empathy for the end-user, High accountability, Gets shit done


This priority will be funded by the “Era Allocation” for this cycle of 2 months of 2,953,578 POKT (or $82,700 as of today), which comes from the DAO.

Submission details

  • Open: Now
  • Submission deadline: Close of day 28 July 2023
  • Decision provided: Close of day 2 August 2023
  • Price: Open pricing. Please include in the submission.
  • Submission type: Any format that addresses the requirements and competencies, up to 300 words, and must include the price to complete this work denominated in POKT
  • How to make a submission: Submissions should be posted as replies to this thread with “Submission” in the first line. Submissions can be edited at any point up until the deadline.

POP now updated as per the quote below:



I am delighted to submit a proposal for the creation and maintenance of the ecosystem metrics dashboard dashboard for the Pocket Network. As a former product manager at Coinbase and a data science intern at Meta, I bring a wealth of experience in creating and managing data-driven dashboards. At Coinbase, I developed several internal dashboards to measure asset addition performance, and at Meta, I developed dashboards for the Oculus app store ecosystem.

My team and I are well-versed in data analysis, data engineering, and data modeling, and we have a deep understanding of both on-chain and off-chain data. We are proficient in Airflow, Kafka, and Apache Superset.

Our proposal includes the following:

  1. Data Pipelines: We will establish reliable and easy-to-maintain data pipelines for all metrics provided by PNF, connecting these to an analytical database.
  2. Dashboard Creation: We will create an engaging, user-friendly dashboard, ideally as a sub-domain of, showcasing all relevant metrics.
  3. Alerts, Tests, and Logs: We will set up all necessary alerts, tests, and logs to monitor the data pipeline and metrics.
  4. Maintenance and Updates: We will be available for updates and bug fixes for the dashboard and data pipelines, in line with community feedback and PNF’s instructions.
  5. Data Sources: We will utilize the Snapshot API, POKTscan API, CoinGecko API, and manually updated spreadsheets from PNF. We will also consider future data sources such as Discord, Discourse, and Twitter.


  • Month 1: Establish data pipelines, begin dashboard creation
  • Month 2: Complete dashboard creation, set up alerts, tests, and logs
  • Month 3 onwards: Maintenance, updates, and bug fixes as needed

We are committed to delivering a high-quality product with attention to detail, empathy for the end-user, and high accountability. We are first principles thinkers who get things done.

Our proposed price for this project is 1,500,000 POKT. We believe this price reflects the complexity and importance of the project, as well as our expertise and dedication to delivering a top-quality product.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the possibility of working with the Pocket Network community.



Thunderhead would be happy to take this on. Over the past 2.5 years, I along with the rest of the team have become intimately familiar with Pocket, its inner workings, and its success metrics through our various endeavors.

We have a wealth of experience building these types of dashboards. We recently built Hyperliquid Stats (Hyperliquid is an application specific L1 perp DEX), which visualizes the network’s protocol metrics like volume, unique users, and protocol vault PnL (a unique feature of HL). It also looks quite nice :slight_smile:. The backend also exposes latency/success metrics and we alert on those in grafana. Please see it here:

In addition to this, we have built,, PoktInfo required parsing and indexing terabytes of data (error database, latency database, and the chain itself). RPCmeter highlights Pocket has a great solution compared to other RPC providers. PoktWatch indexes the entire chain into a postgres db. Through building these and fully focusing on the network for 2+ years, we have come to know Pocket Network in and out. We also have experience as node operators building and, peaking at $70m staked.

We understand good UX (please see our latest LST:, have great domain knowledge of Pocket, and a wealth of experience building these types of dashboards. We will work with PNF on writing up a spec to decide on optimal design/ux, technical architecture and metrics to display. We understand all of the necessary metrics given and know how to best display this to the community. We ask for $42k USD equivalent in POKT at time of project completion (~1.5m at current prices). The scope is not fully concrete so we cannot give an exact timeline but we estimate 3-6 weeks from starting the spec to full production delivery. I understand that future tweaks and additions will be necessary beyond intitial scope so our ask includes 2 weeks of work for modifications or additional features. Our ask also includes hosting. We will do additional tweaks/feature additions at slightly above cost ($70 per hour).

Thank you,
Addison and the Thunderhead Team


Pocket network custom dashboard proposal by TogetherCrew (RnDAO)


Hey folks

We’ve tried to create a rather detailed proposal. Hopefully, this can prompt discussion on anything that we might have misunderstood and we can mover forward together :slight_smile:

Our proposal focuses on creating a custom dashboard project exclusively for Pocket Network. We are particularly intrigued by Pocket’s commitment to decentralization, enabling developers worldwide to access and utilize multiple blockchain networks seamlessly. Our mission at RnDAO is to Empower Humane Collaboration which we deem we can advance by contributing to Pocket Network’s mission of providing efficient, scalable, and decentralized blockchain solutions. This proposal outlines the specific business requirements and includes a high-level business analysis to ensure our dashboard project aligns with the Pocket Network community values and goals we also hold dear - namely transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, and adaptability and advancing towards a world where the most important digital infrastructure is governed by its users.

About Us

We, TogetherCrew and Microflow, are two teams part of RnDAO with a focus on enabling and empowering communities through data and transparency. We’re excited to develop and maintain this custom dashboard. Its main purpose is to visualize the requested metrics, providing valuable insights for the Pocket Network.

Project Team:

  • Danielo (contact person) - Instigator at RnDAO and CoLead at TogetherCrew. Previously, Head of Governance at Aragon, 8 years in Organization Design consulting (clients include Google, BCG, Daymler, The UN, and multiple startups), and visiting lecturer at Oxford University.

  • Sepehr (project manager) - Co-lead at MicroFlow. Senior software engineer at Aragon. Co-Founder of Neolyze, Social media analysis dashboard. Contributed to the design and development of TogetherCrew.
    Github: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

  • Cyrille Derché - Contributor at TogetherCrew. Bsc. Computer Science. Ex-Accenture, Co-founder and CTO of SaaS company helping medical device manufacturers deliver product data + documentation to healthcare professionals (handling of sensitive data). Builder of products, processes, and teams.
    Github: cyri113 (Cyrille) · GitHub

  • Merhdad - Co-lead at MicroFlow. Technical director at CBI DAO. Previously, Co-Founded the Neolyze Social media analysis platform. Ex Data engineer. Contributed to the design and development of Devonso (CRM business logic analysis dashboard) and TogetherCrew.

  • Katerina - Co-lead TogetherCrew. Ph.D. using social network analysis. Since 2016 she is co-instructing a graduate course on data analytics for HR at Northwestern University. She has also co-organized the Learning in Networks sessions at the International Conference of Social Network Analysis (2018 - 2020), and previously advised a people analytics company on social network metrics.
    Github: katerinabc · GitHub

  • Tjitse van der Molen - Contributor at TogetherCrew. MSc degree in systems biology, focussed on large-scale biological data analysis. Currently, he is obtaining his PhD in dynamical neuroscience where he is using graph theory and advanced statistical methods to study how neurons self-organize into interaction networks. He is applying the same techniques to study community member interaction networks. recent project: analyses for this paper Functional neuronal circuitry and oscillatory dynamics in human brain organoids | Nature Communications Code and data are openly available in this github: GitHub - KosikOrganoid/Intrinsic-activity-code: Example data and code for analyses in paper
    Github: TjitsevdM · GitHub

Previous Work

Our team has decades of experience in data analytics. Our recent work includes community Health analyses for Aave, Aragon, Near (6 sub-communities), MetaGame, Celo, LexDAO, and more. And the creation of the plug-and-play live dashboard with Discord data, used by Optimism, amongst others. We’re also official launch partners of MetricsDAO

Additionally, we’ve conducted extensive research to identify the most reliable and actionable indicators for community health (including a PhD in the topic of social network analysis and team performance and published framework on community health).

Dashboard Scope and Objectives

  • The dashboard will be open to the public, accessible on a subdomain in the Pocket network website
  • The dashboard aims to visualize composite metrics, open to the public and unstoppable.
  • This project is focusing on visualizing the data rather than data extraction and complex data analysis. The analysis will be limited to basic statistical analysis (as per the requested metrics) in this phase of the project.
  • Due to the dashboard being open to the public, authentication, and user access control level is not part of the scope of the project.
  • The target audience of this product is the Pocket Network community
  • The Dashboard must be easy to understand (we’ll collect community feedback about the UX and, if any during the first 3 weeks, incorporate it before finalizing the project. Any feedback after that relates to the terms of the Support agreement below).

Additional Benefits:

  • We also already have a Discord integration and are also working on a Discourse and Twitter integration for the TogetherCrew’s Dashboard (through a grant by Optimism Foundation and Web3 Foundation, respectively), functionalities which will be made available to Pocket Network too via the TogetherCrew Dashboard, should Pocket decide to deploy it. The initial scope of these integrations includes adding them as data sources to the TogetherCrew dashboard (see walkthrough: TogetherCrew overview - YouTube) and will be expanded over time. If Pocket wishes to integrate these data sources in the future separately from the TogetherCrew dashboard, the work can be provided at a significantly reduced cost thanks to the pre-existing infrastructure we’re already building or otherwise can integrate Pocket’s custom dashboard into their instance of the TogetherCrew dashboard (for clarity, both paths forward mentioned are optional and this proposal focuses on a separate, custom dashboard for Pocket).
  • Our current work also includes the creation of an AI-powered bot in partnership with Optimism. The bot analyzes public communication data, answers questions of users on demand (enabling them to gain context about the network easily and hence empowering them to participate more effectively in governance, protocol development, etc), and also scans violations to the code of conduct to alert moderators about cases of harassment and provides private recommendations to users about how to reword their messages in more effective and humane ways (e.g. NVC methodology). The work outlined below with Pocket Network would provide the foundation to include these functionalities in the future should it be desired by the Pocket DAO.

Data Sources

Excel files
There will be static Excel files that will be updated manually. Updating the Excel files automatically or through the dashboard is out of the scope of this project.

CoinGecko API
The Pocket network team is responsible for providing the CoinGecko API subscription. Only this API will be utilized to fetch market information.

Snapshot API
The dashboard will also support integration with Snapshot, bear in mind this integration is only to read and visualize data and the dashboard will not provide support for calling actions through Snapshot API.

The dashboard will utilize POKTscan to retrieve and visualize real-time network data.


The project is expected to last for 10 weeks, including the outlined steps in the roadmap. The total budget of the project is POKT 979,941 as detailed in the breakdown provided in the efforts section.

Additionally, a monthly retainer for ongoing support is set at 970 USD per month including new metrics added monthly (see below the Support section for details about what’s included and payment). The initial quoted price includes two month of free support after the code is delivered.


  • Discovery and requirement gathering (week 1 - 2)
    • Discuss the requirements to the full extend
    • Gather all the necessary information about the metrics and their calculation method
    • Workshop to define the visualization method for each metric and data type together with Pocket Foundation team
    • Write user stories
    • Design system architecture
    • Finalize deliverables, acceptance criteria, and timeline
  • UX Design (week 3-5 & 9-10)
    • Wireframe
    • Initial Design
    • Design demo for Pocket team
    • Community Feedback collection (feedback form)
    • Amendments
  • Frontend (weeks 4-8)
    • Integration with Backend
    • Visualize the data
    • Component factory
    • Chart factory
  • Backend (weeks 2-8)
    • Data source integration modules and data retrieval
    • Statistical logic and endpoints
    • Database and data storage
    • Unit tests
  • Infrastructure (week 1 & 9)
    • Site Reliability
    • Pipeline setup
    • Hosting
    • Dev support
    • System health check and error alerts
    • Logging
  • QA (weeks 3-9)
    • Testing developed functionalities and dashboard


The coverage area of support is as follows

  • Hosting
  • Any bugs and issues in the delivered dashboard such as wrong or missing data.
  • Any small UX changes to the dashboard such as color change, component rearrangement, wording, annotations, and explanations, etc.
  • Small changes to metric logic such as parameters and thresholds, filters, etc.
  • Up to one new simple metric per month (simple algorithm, common visualization types, and existing data sources)
  • Site Reliability
  • Security and site maintenance
  • Changes to the underlying APIs

This is a long-term support agreement, and we plan our resources in a way that we always have unallocated resources to devote to your project on your demand. Doing so, helps us to deal with any queries from your side with urgent priority.

Our support scope does not cover new work, such as adding new data sources or complex new charts, as it falls outside the scope of our standard support. However, we are fully committed to addressing any bugs or issues, regardless of their size or complexity, if they are caused by our product.

Additionally, we understand the importance of handling any side effects resulting from changes in underlying data sources or changes to the metrics, dashboard, or charts. Our team is dedicated to resolving such issues promptly, providing they can be dealt with in less than 2 days of work. Larger tasks are considered new work, and we can sustain our current pricing for all of 2023 (see budget breakdown above for an example) and adjust based on inflation for 2024.

Customer satisfaction is crucial to us, and we maintain a flexible mindset when it comes to support. Our goal is to bring as much value to our customers as possible.

For any new feature or work going forward, we offer a free business call to discuss your needs and requirements, and we will provide an official quote based on your project’s scope. We commit to providing competitive pricing.

If you have any new work requirements, we also offer a time and material option. Based on the indicated hourly rates. This offer comprises the hourly rates, a master service agreement indicating the outline and structure of our work, and a service agreement indicating the general scope of the work which will be provided to you upon your request.

Payment terms & Market Fluctuations

We’re committed to working with Pocket and, as such, are happy to take some market risk together with the Pocket Network and align incentives. However, should the price of Pocket drop more than 15%, we’ll have to reassess the viability of the project.

The Support is offered as a complimentary item to the above and is priced in USD for the convenience of both parties. We’re happy to receive payment in POKT provided normal market conditions.

Closing thoughts

Our primary focus is to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience for the Pocket Network in working with us. If you have any concerns or need assistance, we are always here to help and provide top-notch quality work. Equally, should any part of this proposal prove unviable or otherwise you wish to discuss, we’re very happy to engage and explore ways to make this relationship the most fruitful possible.
We’re excited to become contributors to Pocket and hope this is the beginning of many more collaborations.



Slice Analytics provides blockchain analytics services and tooling to protocols, DAOs, and VCs in the crypto space.

Our team is comprised of 3 engineers who have honed their critical thinking, problem solving, and professional approach working NASA contracts. Taking a leap of faith in 2021, we left our engineering jobs to form Slice Analytics and pursue our Big Hairy Audacious Goal of enhancing the user experience and clarity of cryptocurrency data.

A few notes on our team:

  1. We’ve partnered with the Nansen team, as well as MetricsDAO.
  2. Official Dune Wizard and recommended by the Dune team
  3. We’ve worked with 20+ teams in the space such as:
    @RealFlokiInu, @sarcophagus DAO, @RyzeFi, @CoinDCX, @UNCX_token, and more.

Our technical competencies include:

  • Competency with dashboard tooling products such as Streamlit, dash/plotly, and other hosting sites.
  • Vast knowledge of on-chain data, over 50 unique contracts completed for companies in the space.
    • Perennial: Protocol Monitoring App
    • Sarcophagus: Protocol KPI’s , Node KPI’s , DAO Treasuries
    • Metropolis: Governance Voting Market Research
  • Frequently integrate multiple API’s (Coingecko, Etherscan, Moralis, Alchemy, Covalent, etc) to aggregate data for private dashboards
  • Experience aggregating customers off-chain data with on-chain data
  • Proficiency in Apache Airflow and managing data pipelines

For resources/labor required to complete this task, as well as provided support moving forward we have scoped the following:


  • 900,000 POKT for labor
  • 25,000 POKT / mo for the first 6 months of support/maintenance

Lead Time:

  • 1 week to fully define the scope
  • 5 weeks after scope is defined to complete the dashboard

Although we may be new to the POKT ecosystem, we look forward to contributing into the future!




Pine Analytics, a seasoned data analytics consulting group with extensive experience in the blockchain space, is excited to submit our proposal for the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive Crypto Ecosystem Dashboard for Pocket Network. This project aligns perfectly with our expertise in data analysis, engineering, and blockchain analytics. Our team is committed to empowering the Pocket Network community with an easy-to-use, engaging dashboard that encompasses the key dimensions of the ecosystem strategy and the performance of Pocket’s core service.

Project Overview

The primary purpose of this project is to provide the Pocket Network community with a user-friendly dashboard that visualizes essential metrics for the ecosystem strategy, including supply, demand, governance, and capital markets. Additionally, the dashboard will highlight Pocket Network’s core service performance, focusing on reliability, performance, and cost.

Key Deliverables

  • Data Pipeline Development: We will establish reliable and efficient data pipelines for all chosen metrics, incorporating relevant on-chain and off-chain data from Pocket Network’s provided metrics.
  • Dashboard Creation: Our team will develop an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive dashboard hosted as a sub-domain of This dashboard will showcase all the relevant metrics with interactive charts and insightful visualizations.
  • Alerts and Monitoring: We will set up comprehensive alerts, tests, and logs to ensure prompt detection and resolution of any data pipeline issues or inaccuracies in metrics.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Updates: Our team will remain available to update metrics in accordance with community feedback and PNF’s instructions. Additionally, we will promptly address any bugs or issues that may arise during the dashboard’s usage.

Data Sources and Example Metrics

To achieve the dashboard’s objectives, we will integrate data from various sources, including Snapshot API, POKTscan API, CoinGecko API, and manually updated spreadsheets. This data will provide essential insights into voter participation, voting power concentration, token metrics, liquidity, and more.

Competencies and Approach

Our team consists of three blockchain data analysts with years of experience creating interactive data dashboards for clients such as Flipside Crypto, Cointelegraph, and MetricsDAO, and one data engineer who has created data pipelines for multiple blockchains at Flipside Crypto. We are well-versed in utilizing both on-chain and off-chain data for comprehensive analysis. We will leverage established data orchestration tools such as Airflow or Prefect for batch updates and streaming technologies like Kafka for real-time data handling. The dashboard will be developed using efficient dashboard tooling such as Streamlit to ensure an exceptional user experience.

Funding and Submission Details

Our proposed price for this project is 750,000 POKT, with an additional 30,000 POKT as a monthly retainer for including new metrics.


In conclusion, Pine Analytics is enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to Pocket Network’s growth and success through the creation of an insightful and user-centric Crypto Ecosystem Dashboard. We are confident that our team’s proficiency in data analytics, engineering, and blockchain analysis aligns perfectly with the project’s requirements and competencies. With our attention to detail, empathetic approach, and commitment to excellence, we aim to deliver a dashboard that becomes an indispensable tool for the entire Pocket Network community.

Thank you for considering our proposal, and we look forward to the possibility of collaborating on this transformative project. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.



Nodefleet would be honored to deliver this proposal. I personally been working with Pocket since 2018 by running internal protocol and blockchain infra and since 2022 we started Nodefleet and in around 4 months we become the 3rd top largest node runner and top in most earned pocket by staking around ~140m pocket on without summing up our test domains such as,, among others. Until today only currently is sitting at ~68m while also running infra for other projects. We are compromised with the success of pocket since it also will mean our success.

Additionally to our experience running high scalable infrastructure and nodes, we also have experience working with analytics dashboards for pocket internal projects and others with wide experience on indexing tooling, backend development, and heavy use cases on postgres, hadoop, among other open source services and cloud solutions for analytics.

Previous work

We as a team also have a good range of full stack system with heavy analytics tasks projects such as:

Nodefleet staking dashboard
Dashboard staking dashboard solution for our clients so they can track their POKT rewards per account/node/chain and also filtered by day/week/month.
Demo account:

Berachain Explorer
Hybrid blockchain explorer (EVM/IBC) for Berachain protocol.

It contains a custom indexer on top of the EVM/IBC Devnet Berachain node. Right now it’s currently in beta.

DyDx testnet staking
We are part of the testnet validator set on DyDx

Additional features and benefits involved

Due to Nodefleet philosophy and in order to empower the community we are planning to release this project completely open source, from the frontend , to the backend and infrastructure tooling.

In order to make the data more open, we are going to provide an open API (with their own security restrictions to avoid service overload) so the same information that feeds our charts can be queried outside of our systems.

Also, we’ll be including monitoring/alarms on a custom discord channel added to the official discord and support engineer hours monthly for any charts and/or problem solving issue that needs our attention.

Estimation and costs

Project development is expected to be completed in around 9-12 weeks (max) depending on the final requeriments and charts needed. The total budget for the project is 1,500,000 POKT and a 1,200 USD monthly cost which includes:

→ Hardware costs
→ Open source code and issue solving/maintenance and software upgrades
→ Monitoring/Alarms systems
→ Engineer/Support hours for small changes/features (1-4 hours engineer hours)


Requirements and UI/UX design process (1-4 week)

  • Have meetings with the Pocket Network and shareholder team to determine final charts, features and requirements of the system
  • Share all access and sources needed to deliver the project
  • Create and validate UX wireframe design with Pocket Network staff and selected community members (if required)
  • Create and validate final design and run full UX process to validate final design with Pocket Network staff and selected community members (if required)
  • Deliver final design on Figma with UX study for the community

Frontend (4-8 Week)

  • Integration with the backend and other source systems
  • Creation of charts and frontends proposed in the UI/UX design

Backend (4-8 Week)

  • Hub for integrating various data source modules
  • Blockchain data indexing

Infrastructure (8-12 Week)

  • Benchmarking and load tests facing production scenarios
  • Provide high availability by adding additional infrastructure for production usage
  • Automatic healing systems and monitoring dashboards with alarms around all the system

QA (10-12 Week)

  • Nodefleet internal team full testing
  • Release beta version for community and Pocket Network staff for testing
  • Public Release


Hey friends, wow. Calm down with all these great submissions. Couple of these teams I hope win just to have them join our ecosystem, not gonna lie. Some of you know me (, hyper-critical top performing node runner, not one to embellish words), but some of you might not know I’m about 1/3 of the way through a masters in analytics at Georgia Tech (though I’ve basically lost motivation to continue). Pleasantries aside, I’d be happy to build this for 500k pokt, I reckon it would take me roughly 2-3 months to complete if I did it all myself. I would use a theme somewhat similar to poktscan frontend using nextjs and mui components, and build the backend in python with faust probably and whatever else I might need hosted on my own infra. Additional features I would be flexible to negotiate, and I would be willing to maintain the completed dashboard for 20k pokt/month, just to offset infra and api costs (coingecko ain’t free).



Thanks to everyone who submitted. The standard was incredibly high across the board. And it’s genuinely painful not to be able to give some work out to everyone—a good problem to have. :sweat_smile:

The three factors we used to determine the winning submission were:

  1. Speed
  2. Cost
  3. Team-project-fit

While there was a reasonable variance in cost and timelines across each submission, it was apparent that each team had the requisite skills and capabilities to deliver on the project’s goals. Ultimately, it came down to the knowledge and experience of the winning team with building and designing metrics dashboards for web3 communities. And that little bit “extra” we felt we could gain from working with the chosen team.

Consequently, we decided to go with @danielo and the team from TogetherCrew. We believe that TogetherCrews’s team is the best fit for fulfilling our goal of developing the best community metrics dashboard in Web3. TogetherCrew / RN DAO has an impressive background in working with communities from a research-focused first principles approach, and the fact that they already have live integrations with Discord and soon with Discourse and Twitter was an important unique value-add.

We are really excited to have TogetherCrew partner with us and the community on this project :handshake:

Note that we will require the POKT bid for the work as is. And will not be able to give any downside protection for RN DAO (or anyone else in any POP).

Thanks again for everyone’s input, and we look forward to continuing harnessing the power of the community with more POPs and Sockets soon.


After I saw their submission I almost didn’t want to submit one myself, I hoped they would be the chosen team, and I’m excited to have them building in our ecosystem!



Can’t rememeber seeing any updates on this one? Is it put on hold due to the recent technical pivot (Shannon upgrade)?

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Not on hold and there should be an update soon :grinning:

fyi there is additional information here that has been kept up to date

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Hey, thanks for asking!

In addition to the documents that B3n linked which we’ll continue to maintain with regular updates:

We’re fixing some bugs and preparing to move from the Dev environment to production, hoping to show a V1 very very soon (maybe even this week).

Here’s a quick overview (video from Monday so already some progress since)


Hey all -

This is ready for distribution!

We’re at a v1 for the dashboard, and the team at rnDAO are committed to maintenance and upgrades over the next couple of months, so we’d love to get feedback around what is and isn’t useful, and what you’d like to see more of.

Working with @thedanrodman on analytics, maybe he has some suggestions of what would be good to show around a community health metric?

A big shoutout to @danielo and @creepto and their teams who made this possible.

I’ll drop an update in discord tomorrow to share with the community after the builders call, where we’ll demo it a bit more!