wPOKT Update 8.25.22

Below is PNI’s official update on the wPOKT project. Ferrum has scheduled a community call on 8/25 at 10:30am EST to share their progress and answer any questions. If this topic is of interest to you, PNI encourages you to attend.

On 8/23, Pocket Network Inc’s Product/Engineering leadership (Mike, Gabi, Arthur) entered a meeting with Ferrum (Nick, Taha), with the intention of canceling PNI support for the v0 bridge due to consensus-breaking changes. These changes had not previously been reviewed, or approved, by PNI’s Protocol team and were not in scope for v0 (definitely not v1). Reviewing and accommodating this work now would distract the team from the ultimate priority, v1. During the call, the Ferrum team assured us the changes were not as impactful as initially thought and that they have a PR ready. The agreements made in that meeting were:

  • Ferrum would finish adding their commentary to the PR and present it to the PNI team on 8/30. This meeting is scheduled and I am confirming attendance. The goal of the 8/30 meeting is for PNI’s Product/Engineering team to confirm that Ferrum’s PR & associated documentation is sufficient to enable PNI to conduct an in-depth feasibility and security analysis of the code, which may take a further 1-2 weeks.
  • The PNI Product/Engineering team will conduct the analysis and the results will be presented to PNI leadership who will determine a path forward.
  • Ferrum will continue forward with their community event provided that they clearly highlight their solution is for v0 only and is not for v1. The second condition is that anything they demo during this event has NOT yet been reviewed, or approved, by PNI’s Protocol team or the DAO. Ferrum’s PEP approved a grant for the work they completed in building the bridge; it did not imply approval of any consensus-breaking upgrades that would be needed to implement the bridge.
  • PNI would not endorse Ferrum’s work in its current state. The analysis must be completed and in good quality to endorse their work.
  • As for v1, no decisions have been made yet. V1 solutions will be explored after mainnet launch. If we proceed with a v0 wPOKT, the launch of v1 is anticipated to be delayed by several months in order to make wPOKT compatible with v1 and facilitate a migration.

Ferrum event link: POKT Ecosystem

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