wPOKT Copper launch should run on both Polygon and Ethereum mainnet

Copper now allows tokens to launch on Ethereum mainnet and/or Polygon (other L2s, eg Arbitrum, are in the pipeline). wPOKT should launch on both: this will widen token distribution and broaden Pocket’s support base by accommodating buyers who may be shut out by high gas fees on Ethereum mainnet. For example, the recent dual-chain launch of Popcorn token saw 2-3 times more buyers on Polygon than on Ethereum. While splitting liquidity across more than one chain could hurt a smaller project’s growth, it’s unlikely to adversely affect Pocket as it’s already established. (The above info comes from the Dec 21 AMA with Copper on Bankless DAO.)

Postcript: During the AMA, the host said BanklessDAO would be interested in using its research and analysis resources to curate a list of worthwhile projects launching on Copper in order to benefit its members (over 18K on its Discord); Copper said it would welcome this. Bankless would look for projects that align with its values of decentralization, fairness and openness. Pocket team should reach out to BanklessDAO (and Balancer Intern who’s already active) to get curated. Maybe even angle for a pre-launch spot on the Bankless podcast.


That’s something we definitely should consider.

Chances are Q1 will see another run up which means that smaller buyers will get priced out due to prohibitive gas prices.

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I see some potential concerns - mainly around Pocket being the guinea pig - but think it’s worth exploring.

@zaatar is this a role you would be willing to lead on in terms of researching the pros and cons of a dual launch? I’m not sure the core Pocket team has the bandwidth to explore this, so it would make sense for someone in the community to take this role on.

I :heart: the idea of a Bankless x Pocket collab as the values of both projects are so aligned.

Yes, I’m happy to assume this role. If the team is open to consideration of a dual launch and greenlights me, I’ll get on it.

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This looks like a really good idea, mainly due to the expensive gas fees on ETH. The BanklessDAO Collab would also be nice!

On the other side, at first wPOKT will only have a POKT<–> ETH bridge and farms will also be only on ETH. In that case, users that buy on Polygon would still have go through mainnet to either run nodes (POKT) or stake their tokens on farms (ETH).

This is not blocker necessarily, but worth mentioning. Other than that, I don’t think that launching on Polygon would be complicated given that it’s an EVM chain; the only challenge would be figuring out numbers that make sense for the split liquidity.