What is Pocket Network?

We are thrilled to step into our roles as part of the Pocket Network Foundation. Thanks for putting your trust in us to partner with you all as a credibly neutral steward of the project. We truly hope we can play a role in unleashing the power of this community to the benefit of the whole network.

As we start this new era for PNF and the DAO, we thought it would be timely to level set on a few foundational questions that define our identity as a community. @b3n will be following up soon with a post about the Pocket DNA project, one of our first initiatives as the new Foundation team, through which we aim to help this powerful community realign around a shared identity, encompassing our mission, vision, values, culture, and ultimately the outcomes we prioritize as a DAO. In doing this, we hope to harness our energy as a DAO and direct it with a laser focus for maximum impact.

One of the first questions we should revisit is “What is Pocket Network?”. To get us started, we’re pulling in an old post from the forum archives (below, authored by @Patrick727), which provides a nice overview of how the founding team (PNI) viewed Pocket Network and the boundaries between PNF, PNI, and the DAO.

We invite you to share what Pocket Network means to you.


What is Pocket Network

Pocket is a distributed network that relays data requests and responses to and from any blockchain system. Pocket verifies all relayed data and proportionally rewards the participating nodes with native cryptographic tokens(POKT).**

What is Pocket Network Foundation (PNF)

  • PNF is the executor of the DAO-approved treasury proposals.
  • PNF is an organization that activates and facilitates growth initiatives indicated by the DAO and Community for the ownership of independent parties.
  • PNF is an organization that facilitates the progressive decentralization of Pocket Network via the DAO and the coordination of independent entities.

What is Pocket Network Inc. (PNI)

Self Identification

  • PNI is a Pocket Network community member
  • PNI is a contributor to the Pocket Network Protocol Specification.
  • PNI creates and maintains an implementation of said protocol.
  • PNI creates and maintains core tooling to support the implementation of the protocol.

Explicit Limitations

  • PNI is not Pocket Network, it is a community member of the ecosystem
  • PNI should not be expected to perform any work outside of whatever the organization explicitly commits to, outside of the Self Identification priorities.
  • PNI is independent and autonomous and will drive value to the network according to its own priorities.

It looks like because the old post was from Feb 2021, moving it into this thread pushed the thread down to Feb 2021 in the Latest list, so this is me nudging the thread back to the present day :laughing: