Utilize DAO Governance to Acquire Additional Customers

Author: @zkMoira

Pocket Network has accomplished so many incredible achievements but still lacks support from many of the larger applications. Many of these protocols have vibrant communities that believe in decentralization and will quickly see the value in having Pocket Network as an infrastructure provider.

In the past Pocket Network’s business development strategy has been to court developers with hackathons and a generous free service tier. While I wholeheartedly agree with this approach, I also believe it lacks the aggressiveness of our centralized counterparts who are well capitalized and hungry to capture market share.

In addition to the current customer acquisition strategy, I propose utilizing formal governance proposals to attempt to capture relay traffic from potential DAO customers. Being that Pocket Network is the only truly decentralized infrastructure provider in the space there is no better way to acquire DAOs as customers than through formal governance proposals authored by leadership. Social consensus among the prospective DAOs should be of utmost importance but I anticipate there will be some opposing interests from third parties that have a stake in centralized competitors.

The Pokt community should attempt to acquire governance tokens and influence the vote by any means necessary. In my opinion our intentions are pure and this is ethical behavior. I am not alone in this opinion either. Linked below is Robert Leshner’s response to Justin Sun borrowing millions of dollars in COMP to sway a vote concerning TUSD.

Robert Leshner’s Opinion on Acquiring Gov Tokens to Sway a Vote

If done in a transparent & well intentioned manner this proposal has virtually 0 downside risk and exponential upside.


I unconditionally support this proposal.


I like the idea of this proposal, as it does provide a more active approach of being directly involved with the potential prospect’s DAO and their community. This will also help to provide additional legitimacy of having an official platform within their DAO to provide a clear use case of why the utilization of Pocket will greatly benefit their network.


Yes this is a great idea. Need a more aggressive BD approach because POKT falls in line with DAO’s principles of decentralization. Believe we should do everything in an ethical manner to focus on long term growth instead of short term profits. We’re what the ecosystem needs, let’s show them that.


Great points. I am in agreement. As the community builds so will the strength of this project. While everyone is for decentralization in theory, few realize the focus and projection it takes to implement something completely new-- blazing a new trail.

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Great concept; our DAO must have strong leadership and stakeholders who care about execution. It also seems akin to canvassing for votes; if a ballot measure matters, you put in the effort to affect the outcome

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