Trying to understand minimum stake

Hey folks,

Having read the documentation regarding amount of POKT required for running a node, I’m struggling to understand exactly how much POKT would be needed to run a node.

I see that StakeMinimum is 15,000,000,000 and StakeDenom is uPOKT and that uPOKT is 10^0.

My interpretation so far is that if denomination for POKT is 10^6 and uPOKT is 10^0 then uPOKT is 6 decimal places smaller than POKT.

So if StakeMinimum is 15000000000 uPOKT, does that mean that it’s 15000 POKT?

That’s correct. The documentation found here also has a warning in the “Fund the account” section:

If your stake falls below 15,000 POKT your node will be force-unstake burned. We recommend having a buffer above the 15,000 minimum (e.g. 15,100-16,000), so that minor slashing doesn’t result in loss of the entire stake.

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Thank you for the link. :+1:

Thanks, also for your suggestion!