Triforce: Shard Member Applications

This topic will serve as a recruitment board for Triforce shards. Individual applications will be posted here for other Community members to network on opportunities to form full shards of 3 members.

Shard member application responses will be posted here individually with personal information outside of Discord handle redacted.

If you are looking to form a shard, use this resource to look for other qualified members and connect with them to submit a full application.

Apply to be a Triforce shard member here.

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Role: DevOps
Blockchain(s): Any that need Devops, Automation or scaling help.
Start Date: Immediately

“I have over ten years experience in the devops space, mainly in healthcare and moved into POKT a little over a year ago. I have automated One of the largest node providers node generation; from order to stake without intervention, started where we are currently managing 116 nodes to date and have just been contracted to develop automation and backend scaling solutions for a large node services provider.”

Contact: beezy | beezy#1104

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