Tough time getting started

Update: I might not have started in the right place. Comparing docs with the Youtube version to make sure no prereqs missed.

Update 2: I’ve gone through what’s available on the site (many pages are generic placeholders). I do pass the “pocket version” test. At this point I’m stuck again.

Update 3: If you need “g”, create your own g file in your users bin dir (such as /home/user/go/bin) and copy the sh script from here ( g/g at next · stefanmaric/g · GitHub ) Don’t forget to make it executable. You may also need to run “g install latest”


I have Linux, Sysadmin and AWS background, doing OK on those points.

I here for fun trying to build a node and have a chance to earn some coin on a lesser known network.

The YouTube guide and other directions don’t work in April 2021. I’m trying to fix go.

Specifically I’ve been trying for a few hours to get “g” to install along with “go”. G is refusing. I get this far:

You are about to install g, the gluten-free go version manager at:


The following environment variables:

   $GOROOT: /home/nodeuser/.go
   $GOPATH: /home/nodeuser/go
     $PATH: /home/nodeuser/go/bin

are going to be set in:

      bash: /home/nodeuser/.bashrc
      bash: /home/nodeuser/.bashrc

warning: it appears you have a go installation already at: /usr/bin/go

g can still be used alongside and the go versions managed by g will take
precedence over your current go installation, only for the current user (nodeuser).
For more details, see:

Do you want to continue? [y/N] Y

I did try completely removing go and starting over a couple times and that doesn’t help.

I get dropped at that point and manual attempts to try and install g are failing. Any thoughts? Thank you!

Update: OK, it’s an argument within “pocket accounts set-validator” but the documentation doesn’t say what address I should pick for a validator and the youtube that step magically worked.

I made it to step 5.4 (almost there!) and get an error instead of test pocket node starting:

pocket start
2021/04/06 18:24:15 validator address not set! please run set-validator

(I’ve done step 5.1 twice now and have two addresses. Is that the address it’s referring to?)

Use Discord for help:


Our Discord offers live support with the pocket support team that can answer many of your questions.

Hey @keusmchs, apologies for the slow reply, your post didn’t get cross-posted to Discord as it was intended to.

I’ve shared your post in the #node-runner channel and we should hopefully get some help to you soon.