Tired of searching for the Community Call Recap Threads on Twitter? Then, This is for 🫵


Below is a compilation of the key points discussed during the call.

Update on recently passed proposals.

  • :chart_with_downwards_trend: PUP-32: ARR
    The first parameter adjustment for PUP-32: ARR took place on Monday. It will take a few weeks for things to average out and observe the impact.

  • :gear: PIP-30 : RC-0.10
    RC-0.10 was approved, and we’re now at (73%) adoption. Next steps involves co-ordination between node runners and the protocol team to set the activation height

  • :moneybag: PEP-60: ERA Budget
    We’ve created wallets to store the budget funds. A Copper Wallet for POKT, and on the Ethereum side, a Gnosis Safe. Addresses will be made public.
    Currently in talks with investors to convert the POKT to USD to prevent flooding the market with POKT.

On Keystone Projects :key:

  • Each will have detailed briefs and docs for the community to view and show areas in which the community can contribute

  • Multiple POPs and Sockets to be released starting next week

  • Contributions towards core ambitions will have access to ERA funding

Next, our Head of Marketing, @Adrienne, took center stage to discuss the past two weeks and the exciting road ahead.

The first 14 days :date:

“I’ve been connecting with members of the community, and setting out the key (marketing) projects I’ll be focusing on. These will be shared with the community by the end of the week”

Audience Persona :busts_in_silhouette:

“I’ve kicked off some audience persona work to align everything from the roadmap, strategy and comms so that we do everything as effectively as possible”

The Strength of the Pocket Community :muscle:

“I’ve been thinking about how we can leverage the strength of the community to promote the Pocket brand in local markets. This is a competitive advantage that centralized companies will find impossible to compete with.”

PR Agency :mega:

“I’ve taken over the management of the PR agency and will be staying on top of them to ensure Pocket gets the visibility it deserves.”

Decentralized Infra Alliance :handshake:

“I will start pulling together connections with others within the decentralized infrastructure space and think about ways to leverage these relationships that we already have to amplify what we do.”

Use of ERA mechanisms :art:

“I’m excited to start leaning into the ERA mechanisms and harnessing the creativity of the community.
First of all, a campaign to give our future groundbreaking innovation that is v1, a much better name!”

Those are the key points, neatly wrapped! :saluting_face: