Support Channel on Discord

Support for POKT and wPOKT Users

The Bridging FAQ on the POKT website says anyone who can’t find their wPOKT after following all of the steps laid out in the FAQ, should “contact us for support on our Discord server.” However, there is no support channel on our Discord server. I suggest we create one. The channel could also help people who have wallet and other issues.

Dedicated Discord Channel

We could create a new category called “Support” with a single channel called “Help-Desk” where one can open a support ticket for private assistance. (I got the idea from Talisman.) Or, we could follow the example of Centrifuge, which has a “Support Tickets” category with a single channel titled “support-request-box” where, similarly, users can open a ticket for confidential assistance.

Create a Bounty

Someone will have to manage the support requests. This could be a bounty for someone with the necessary expertise. A group of people could monitor the channel on a rotational basis.

Building Trust

Creating a support channel for people who buy and wrap POKT will help make investment in our network user-friendly and further our goal of becoming the most trusted infrastructure brand in crypto.

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Hi Zaatar! That’s a great idea. Actually there has been a help-desk channel what you proposed in our discord server like:

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Thanks Bruce. Was there an announcement about it when it was created on March 7? & who is on the support team? and how is work compensated, if at all?

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NP! I recalled there was an announcement but not 100% sure as it’s been a long period. The help desk was not created in this year, but in the Q3 or Q4, 2023. The date of March 7 is the day we switched the previous help-desk bot to the current one.

The current support team members are as following:

屏幕截图 2024-04-08 142502

As far as I know, it’s a part of community service so there is no extra compensation on it.


Hey @zaatar appreciate you bringing this up, and surfacing some of our visibility issues in discord. If you could update the link to point to that help channel, it would certainly be a start to that.

In general, our mods Jerry and Bruce are tasked with identifying and routing issues to the right people - that’s generally me, and i’ll then pull in the right people.

As far as compensation, everyone on that list is paid by the DAO, Foundation, or Grove, in some capacity.

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Will do (update link). The Help Desk channel currently appears under the “Start Here” category in Discord. Not really a fit. As noted in my first post (above), better to create a separate category such as “Support”

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