Socket: Pocket Wallet API Expansion

1. Socket Overview

Decentralized Authority built two additions to the POKT Wallet API:

  1. Networks Check API
  2. POKT Integration Tester

1. Networks Check API

We expanded on the POKT Wallet API with the ability for applications, like the wPOKT Bridge, to check the network (e.g. Testnet, Mainnet or Shannon in the future). Since NodeWallet was the first POKT wallet to include native support for testnet, the RaidGuild team asked us to expand the API so they could add network checks to the wPOKT Bridge.

With Shannon coming up, this API can be used to add Shannon specific logic to applications the use the POKT Wallet API.

2. POKT Integration Tester

POKT Integration Tester was build to aid in developing wallets and services that use the POKT Wallet APIs. When we set out to develop NodeWallet, these APIs were only present in SendWallet and the wPOKT Bridge, neither which had any testnet support nor a testing environment.

We built the POKT Integration Tester so NodeWallet or other future service could build and test the POKT Wallet API. It works with testnet and mainnet and can be adapted to Shannon. It became an important addition to helping us develop and troubleshoot NodeWallet and can now be used for any other future integrations.

2. Type of Socket

Initiative: $1,250 non-reoccurring. Paid out in POKT.

3. Commitment to “Default to open”

All work has been publicly released, and all additions will be open as well.

4. Link to work

Live version :

Source code: GitHub - decentralized-authority/nodewallet-web-integration-example: nodewallet-web-integration-example

5. Wallet



Hey @shane can you clarify for me - Is this a one off request for reimbursement for the work completed?


Mostly completed work, but will make commits as things progress with the wPOKT Bridge. They originally asked for the Network Check API and the idea has been to add to the Bridge. We included this as reference implementation, so if we see something that needs to be changed, we’ll address.