Sending POKT tokens to Metamask


I’m trying to send POKT tokens from ByBit to my Metamask wallet. I used this article to set up a “BSC Pocket Portal” network in Metamask:

However, when trying to withdraw my POKT in Bybit, I get the error text saying: “The address provided doesn’t match the selected chain type.”

I’ve pasted my Metamask wallet address into the “Wallet address” field, and chosen “POKT” as chain type.

What have I done wrong?

When googling I can’t find any else information about sending POKT to Metamask.

Thanks in forehand for any answers!

Do not try to send POKT tokens to your MetaMask wallet.

Pocket Network is its own blockchain, which means you need to create a new dedicated POKT wallet to store your POKT.

Please follow this guide Manage POKT - Pocket Network


Thanks a lot for your answer!

Just wondering how safe the Pocket Wallet is compared to a Ledger. Well, perhaps more safe than keeping your POKT on a CEX.

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Ledger is more secure as a hardware wallet but we’re waiting on our integration being accepted. You can follow the progress here