RFP-9 Stand Alone tech support/issue reporting

We could use a program that will query the node it is running on and create a single text file with all of the commonly requested tech support / debugging questions already answered which the user can then examine himself and copy paste or send to the support team.
Validator address
Query node

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Thanks for highlighting this @BenVan. Very much needed.

This sounds like something that should be built into the Pocket Core CLI as a util command. Util already has print-configs which is a similar idea.

I think we should also go deeper and make it a more comprehensive script that flags up a variety of warnings for common errors, like resource limitations, too low ulimit, incorrectly configured reverse proxy, etc. It could even automate steps that are usually expected of the user, like simulating relays to ensure their RelayChain node is working correctly, and flag this up.

I envision it being similar to discourse-doctor, which is itself inspired by brew doctor.