RFP-5: Build a Registry Smart Contract to Record Approved Decisions On-Chain


Although we’re going to be using Snapshot for signaling, since the majority of our decisions are being executed in the Pocket blockchain (which has no direct integration with Ethereum), we don’t have the ability to use Aragon Agreements. For these to be factored into the process, there needs to be an action that is being submitted on-chain. Once we have a way to submit actions on-chain, we can make full use of the Aragon Agreements challenge/dispute workflow (enforcing our Constitution) and lay the foundation for executing decisions automatically in the Pocket blockchain.

Note: this assumes that Aragon Agreements will be released, which is less certain in light of the Aragon One resignations.


Build a registry smart contract where the IPFS CIDs (from Snapshot votes) are submitted (along with Pocket Core transaction packages), thus enabling all of the on-chain capabilities (described above) for off-chain decisions. In theory, this could be combined with a black box system that holds a Pocket keypair, watches for inputs to the registry contract, and automatically submits the corresponding transactions to Pocket Core.


Build a stronger operational foundation for scaling the DAO.

Objective Key Results

There is a strong foundation for disintermediating the Foundation from DAO on-chain execution.

Definition of the Project

Milestones & Timeline

  • Phase 1 – Q1-Q2 '21:
    • Build and test the contract
  • Phase 2 – Q3 '21:
    • Release the contract and begin using it to enable us to Aragon Agreements for challenges/disputes workflow
  • Phase 3 – Q3-Q4 '21:
    • Start building the blackbox system that will disintermediate the Foundation

Team Needed

Leader: @JackALaing (Governance Lead)
Roles Needed: Developers