RFP-3: Build a Discourse Snapshot Plugin to Improve Voter UX


Currently our governance will take place across two separate platforms: Discourse and Snapshot. Proposals will be published and debated on Discourse, then cross-posted to Snapshot for voting.


Improve the Voter UX by:

  • Decreasing the friction for users who are already in Discourse to create a vote or vote on a proposal
  • Ensuring that voters can see all of the discussions on a proposal before voting, where in Snapshot they might only see the initial proposal

Do the above by building a Discourse plugin that integrates Snapshot functionality.


Vastly increase community participation in the proper channels by creating an omni-channel experience.

Objective Key Results

  • Community members are collaborating in Discourse.
  • Voters are actively participating in votes.

Definition of the Project


Initiating Votes

Initiating a vote should lock the topic so that the author can’t edit the details of the proposal after voting has begun, or require the author to cancel the proposal in order to make changes.

Active Votes

Other Examples

For examples of previous attempts to integrate Discourse with a voting dashboard, see Tezos Agora

How to Test Progress & Measure Results

  • Voter UX tests
  • Measure voter participation before and after

Team Needed:

  • Leader: @JackALaing (Governance Lead)
  • Roles Needed: Developers
  • Other inputs needed: Maybe design (maybe because we should be able to just reuse the existing Discourse/Snapshot elements)