RFP-10 : Automatically include superset nodes in subset RelayChainID sessions

With a growing demand to also add archive nodes in the pokt ecosystem, these are currently brought in as their own distinct chain-id, creating an amplification in the amount of networks. There’s currently 16 revenue generating network id’s, while 6 of them are archive node versions of existing full node versions and 5 networks have currently only full node support.

Preparations are being made to support more networks and to have more networks also have the archive node option. This means operators will increasingly have to choose which chains they support. All the while archive nodes are in fact a superset of a full node on the same network. (And “ETH mainnet tracing” is a superset of an archive node.)

This proposal moves that when a pokt node is relaying for an archive node of a specific network, it’s automatically also relaying as a full node for that same network. This will make it easier for pokt ecosystem to offer a reliable service for more networks, with full nodes as well as archive nodes. This might also stimulate more operators to run archive nodes, which are generally a much more expensive resource. And it avoids the situation where an operator actually has archive nodes but due to relay counts and limited space for network id’s to consider only offering the full node level access.

This proposal requires pokt core to know about these superset relations and a protocol upgrade.