REQUEST: A Subscribable Calendar for Proposal Votes

I already subscribe to the GCal for POKT community calls. It would be great if there were either a standalone calendar for proposal deadlines, or if they were added to the existing call calendar. @steve 's comment about missing deadlines brought this to mind.


Where is that callendar?

I would love to have a single place with instruction on how to subscribe to all those calendars


That’s a great idea @Jinx - i can include that going forward so it’s on there.

Here’s the link to the calendar:

I’ll add this to our docs as well.

For votes - I’ll add the start - end for specific votes, but it will be manual so feel free to keep me accountable if i miss one. I’ll also add a ‘MAKE SURE TO VOTE’ 1 day before it ends reminder so anyone who uses calendar reminders will also get a ping on it.


You rock, thanks Zak!

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