RC-0.11.1 Upgrade (and "Hi")

Hi everyone,

For those who don’t know, I’ve joined PNF on a contractor capacity to assist with the launch of Shannon and help with technical project management/comms. With Shannon approaching quickly, there will be a lot of transitions happening within the ecosystem, so my goal is to help make this launch as seamless as possible :crossed_fingers:

I wanted to be sure to say “Hi” from this new role, and let folks know that I’m here to support builders, node runners, and ecosystem participants with the Shannon transition. Much more info to follow, so stay tuned :wink:

Morse RC-0.11.1 Upgrade

One of my main focuses with this new role will be working closely with the protocol team and take on community comms and coordination while they can keep focused on coding and execution. To kick things off, I wanted to give a quick overview of what everyone can expect from this upgrade.

New features, but same parameters

RC-0.11.1 has a number of new features, but it does not change any parameters. This is an important distinction to understand.

Enabling a new feature, or changing a parameter, must be voted on by the DAO. The features in RC-0.11.1 have been approved by the DAO, but the features that require a parameter, the DAO will need to still vote on the appropriate parameter to set.

Below is a comprehensive list of the notable features part of RC-0.11.1 and which ones will require a DAO vote down the road :point_down:

New Features with New Parameters

These features will technically be disabled until the DAO votes on a parameter to set.

  1. PIP-33 [v0.11 feature] Per-chain Relays To Token Multiplier by @msmania in #1580

New Feature without Parameters

These features do not have parameters and will be activated after the upgrade.

  1. PIP-35: Allow an AppMsgStake tx to change the address of a staked app by @msmania in #1585

  2. PIP-32: [v0.11 feature] Built-in Reward Share by @msmania in #1581

Improvement on Existing Parameters

The parameter itself was improved, but the parameter remains the same as it currently is.

  1. PIP-34 feat: enforce max chains during new session by @h5law in #1582 (MaxChains is currently set to 15, and will remain at 15 until the DAO votes for a change)

There are a number of other improvements in this release, which can be viewed in the Release Notes.

Path to Upgrading

Currently 21% of Validator have upgraded to RC-0.11.1 (including the BETA) :point_down:


Once the network hits 67%, PNF will be able to active the fork. The exact date will be communicated in advance once the network hits 67%.

Any Questions?

Folks that have been around know that I’m quite active on this forum so feel free to post if you have any thoughts or questions on this upgrade and I’ll be able to respond directly. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it :wink:


Thanks Shane, great to have you working the path ahead for techno simple tins like myself …hope it is a forking success …


Great to see Shane taking on this role. He’s a Pocket OG and has proven time and again that he works hard to help build Pocket and is a real asset to our community. Bravo!