Q1 23 PNF Transparency Report & Accounts

Hey everyone, please see here for a link to the Pocket Network Foundation’s Q1 Quarterly Transparency Report and here for a link to the Foundation’s Accounts for Q1.

As part of our commitment to transparency at PNF as “a credibly neutral entity who can support [Pocket Network’s] stakeholders and bolster the efforts of the DAO” and as one of our commitments made to the community in PIP-26: Foundation for the Future, we will be preparing and sharing these transparency reports quarterly alongside the Foundation’s accounts to the community.

While the transparency report is largely a retroactive review of how PNF spends its time and money in each quarter, in line with the ambitious destinies (BHAGs) outlined in our recent ecosystem thesis post, we plan to work with the community in the coming weeks to surface ecosystem health and vitality metrics on a much shorter time frame, i.e. week-to-week, and month-to-month, so we - as a community - can keep ourselves accountable to deliver as much impact as possible towards our stated goals.

We’d like to thank all of you who have contributed to the work we have completed over the past months in some way, and we thank you for your feedback and support in helping us shape the future of Pocket.